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CASSIE FEATURED ON Hatteberg's People

Hatteberg's People began as a television series in 1974. Larry Hatteberg is a photojournalist known throughout the world as the people's photographer. Through his lens we see the world from the perspective of the common man; their thoughts and dreams, laughter and tears caught by the camera's unblinking eye. For 41 years, Larry has met hundreds of people whose lives have been like 'gifts' to him. Those images are captured for all time so that the rest of the world can see what makes everyday Americans so important. Cassie's story first aired on KAKE TV News Sunday January 14, 2007.

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Daryn Kagan is the founder and host of, an inspirational online community based on the radical idea, "The World Is a Good Place." Before heading into cyberspace, Daryn was an anchorwoman for CNN News and Sports. Cassie's story is currently being featured in the Animals section of Daryn's website. This three minute video gives a unique look into Cassie's mission and is co-anchored by Daryn's three-legged cat "Tripod." Take a few minutes to check out Daryn's site and of course, watch Cassie!

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CASSIE FEATURED IN the University Daily Kansan

In recognition of our 10-year Anniversary of Cassie's Club online website, little old lady 14-year-old Cassie has been featured in the Friday September 1, 2006 University Daily Kansan.

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