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About Amputation
Why amputate?
There are several common reasons why a dog might need to have a leg amputated. Inuries by automobiles are perhaps the most common, but ironically the most avoidable. Cancer, tumors, infections, and other diseases account for most of the remaining causes.

Amputation is done to either save a pet's life, or to ease pain and reoccurring infections because of injury or disease. If a limb is useless or severly damaged, amputation is a humane alternative.

When it comes to the difficult choice a guardian must make between the life of a friend and amputation, as you can see from the pictures and stories on this website, amputation is not the end of happiness for you or your pet. If your veterinarian recommends amputation as an alternative to losing your pet's life or to help your pet avoid pain, we encourage you to look through our site and read our members' stories. We hope that you will be inspired, and choose to show the same loyalty to your pet as he has shown to you.

How will my pet cope?
When an amputation is done, it can be amazing how quickly a dog accommodates. Because dogs don't live by the social rules and "beauty" laws that we humans do, the psychological effects of the loss of a limb are nowhere near that which a human experiences. After the effects of surgury wear off, your pet will adjust in its own time. Lots of love, protection, and encouragement help!

What can you expect?

Other Resources
This excellent article on discusses some specific reasons why a pet's limb may be amputated. It also includes photographs of several pets before and after surgery.