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Please Help!

Please help me save her.

I am looking for help for a beautiful German Shepherd.
About three weeks ago, she found her way on our farm
and she didn't look too good.

What I am guessing happened to her is that someone dumped her
about a mile or so away and she got her foot stuck in a trap,
so when she got here she was very emaciated
and missing the bottom part of a back leg.

I have exhausted all my efforts here in Northeast Nebraska where I live. There are few rescues around this area.

I had called the local vet and the wanted to put her down.
Now my husband is giving me one week to do something with her
and if I can't, then he is going to call the vet.

We would keep her and get her the help she needs,
but we have four cats, two dogs, a three year old daughter,
and a baby on the way with a limited income since my husband is in college. She has been through so much, and I believe she deserves a chance.

I will be waiting to hear back from you and crossing my fingers.
If you would like to call, my number is 402-380-8562.
Thank you for everything you do, and thank you for listening.

Friday Feb 19, 2010



Snickers is fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and
on heartworm prevention and flea control.

He loves people of all ages.
He is an energetic dog and LOVES playtime.

Snickers was a stray that was hit by a car when he was around 9 months old and brought in to Hope Animal Clinic.
They had to remove his leg as it was broken beyond repair.
The person who brought Snickers in abandoned him.
Snickers thankfully only had to spend about three months at the clinic before I came to find him.

He is is now about three years old and one of the best pets I've ever had. Unfortunately, however, I am moving out of the country and, due to work, will not be able to take him with me.

I need to know that he will be in a loving home before I go.
He is a special dog who needs a special person
dedicated to seeing that he is well taken care of.

I plead with anyone who is willing to help him to please do so!
Snickers doesn't deserve to be dumped anywhere ever again.

He lost his leg due to neglect, but overcame the challenges of recovering to be one of the most amazing animals you'll ever meet.

Caleb Boggan
Sunday February 14, 2010

PLEASE Contact Caleb Boggan at:
or Tracy Hill at


Ocho is my Idaho Humane Society foster dog.
American Pit Bull Terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier Mix
14 months old - male

Ocho has a sad story,
but it doesn't have to define the rest of his life.

He came to the shelter as an abuse case.
He was emaciated and had a dislocated hip/fractured leg.
He was in a foster home for a couple of months,
but unfortunately his left rear leg didn't heal
and it had to be amputated.

Ocho is doing great without the leg!
Ocho loves to play with dogs of all sizes.
He does well with children and cats.
He loves to go for rides in the car and he is housetrained.
He loves to run in the foothills off leash.

Despite having only three legs, he has no limitations and can run pretty fast.
He has grown out of the typical puppy tendencies,
but is still very playful and needs someone
who can give him lots of love and attention.

He is still a little timid around strangers,
but warms up to them quickly.
He has his own spunky personality that's hard not to love.
Ocho was given his name because he has a brown patch of fur
in the shape of the number 8 on his back.

Ocho is the perfect example of how resilient dogs are.

I will continue to foster Ocho until I find the perfect family for him. Ocho really enjoys the company of other dogs,
so I would like his new home to have a canine companion for him.

Jenn Graham, Idaho Humane Society Foster Parent
Boise, ID
Tuesday April 7, 2009


As every one of our Guardian Angels knows, we help the worst cases.
If this isn’t one of those cases, then I don’t know what is.
We do not have a clue (nor do the surgeons) exactly what has happened to this sweet, sweet dog.

We just know he was starved almost to death
and has learned to live his life walking on his bent legs and is blind.
We are also in the process of seeing if we can restore his eyesight.
That will be done after his major surgery on his legs.
He will have several operations to get his legs corrected
and this is the first one.

He was picked up by a Good Samaritan
when he showed up in front of her house in NC.
They tried to find out if anyone knew the dog,
but couldn’t find anyone who would claim him.

He was approximately 25 lbs. when they got him and is now about 30 lbs. We have taken him into our foster/surgical program
and he is scheduled to have surgery on Monday or Tuesday.

What exactly they will be doing will be determined once the surgery begins. They will either rebuild his legs and put pins in,
or if they determine that is not possible,
then his legs will be fused where he can stand upright,
but will not be able to bend in the middle, but will at the foot.
If there is ever a dog that deserves this surgery, well, Jeremiah is it. He is an active Boxer mix, approximately 3- 4 years old
who loves to play and give kisses.
Not an aggressive bone in his body.
He gets along well with all animals.

Jeremiah is at Upstate Veterinary Specialist in Greenville, SC awaiting his surgery. Please CLICK HERE

Noah’s Ark’s Rescue email:
4084 Spring Island
Okatie, SC 29909
Friday March 20, 2009

Willie, Juno, Grace & Juliet

Please contact us at:


Charlie is such an awesome dog, with such a sad story!

He was brought in by animal control with his leg dangling
like he had been hit by a car and dragged,
but we don’t know for sure what happened.

He is great with kids, dogs, and cats!

He is neutered, HW negative, UTD on all shots,
he is living life to the fullest that he can in his kennel.
He loves to run and loves to play; the kennel life is not for him.

Since his accident he has been reduced down to three legs and has adjusted beautifully.

Please consider Charlie for your home this holiday season.
He’s about 9 months old and weighs approximately 45 pounds now.

Please email:
Greenville County Animal Care Services
328C Furman Hall Road
Receiving Building
Greenville, SC 29609


Buddy came home with me in November.
His leg had been nearly torn off by a huge German Shepherd.
I asked a rescue to help me get his leg amputated,
and GROWL stepped up.

Buddy's leg was removed, along with his "goodies"
and now he needs a forever home.

Buddy is somewhat lacking in the brains department,
but he is very affectionate! He needs LOTS of exercise.
He likes to chase cats a little,
but he never catches them or tries to hurt them.

He is rather dominant, and therefore does not get along with other dominant dogs. He is fine with submissive dogs and loves my 2 submissive females, he follows them around like he is in love.

Buddy will stand on his rear legs like a kangaroo
and jump into the back of my SUV when he wants to go for a ride.
He is really cute.
He loves dog treats and chewing on hooves.

He is housebroken and has not had one accident in my house.

Please give Buddy a forever home where he can get lots of love
and exercise. Buddy is about 40 lbs and is neutered and microchipped,
HW negative and up to date on all vaccinations.

I will drive him to meet you, if you can take him!

I am not home enough to give him the attention and exercise he needs.
He is now back at the shelter to give my dogs a break from him.

Oh, and he is great with kids! My 6 yr old little girl loves him!
Needs rescue fast, he is back at the shelter awaiting rescue to get him.
Please help BUDDY!!!

We can vet any dogs from here at the clinic next door, Mon-Thurs.
When you email us about a dog you want, please put the animal's
name and "confirmed" in the subject line so we know who you
want. We can work with you whether or not you are a rescue group.

Please contact us ASAP if you can help. Don't let these dogs die!

If you cannot see the pictures, please: CLICK HERE

and click on the purple Greenville “Euthanize List” Button

Taryn Arnold
Rescue Coordinator
Greenville County Animal Care Services
328C Furman Hall Road
Receiving Building
Greenville, SC 29609

Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls
we receive each day from those of you who want to save lives,
we kindly request correspondence by e-mail.

Thank you for all you do save animals!

Angel - NOW in OHIO!

Posted: 2008-04-02 20:44:21
Filed Under: Weird News

AVON LAKE, Ohio (April 1)
A developmental problem split Angel the dog's leg,
making her look like a five-legged pet.

Veterinarian Frank Krupka,
with the Avon Lake Animal Clinic in suburban Cleveland,
said he's never seen anything like it.

After examining X-rays,
Krupka determined that a genetic aberration
split Angel's front left leg in two,
leaving her with three normal legs and two distinct parts of a fourth.

Krupka said the condition doesn't cause pain
but gives her problems moving around.

He said surgery is "unlikely" (HUH?)
on the about-7-month-old dog.
Krupka said any surgery would be cosmetic
and not improve the animal's walk.

A genetic aberration split Angel's front left leg in two,
making her look like she has five legs.

An Ohio veterinarian
said the condition doesn't cause the dog pain,
but gives her problems moving around.
The problem also "can't be corrected through surgery." (HUH?)

Number 4355 is available 24 March 2008 - after that, she is in real and immediate danger of being Gassed.

(Click HERE: she is the 3rd dog down, #4355 - so sweet)
There is a 7-8 month old female in the West Plains pound
(about 125 miles SE of Springfield, MO)
that needs a very special rescue.
She is listed as a Boxer mix.

She has a congenital deformity of the left front leg;
she actually has 2 short legs, one growing out of the other, and the whole thing is twisted and pretty much useless. She sort of creeps along, using the stumpy double leg as a crutch, but really needs to have the whole mess amputated so she can learn to walk as a "normal" tripod.

If anyone has room for this special girl and the funds to get the surgery done and the foster home to help her through her recovery and rehabilitation, please don't wait, let the ACO know that you will be able to take her as soon as her hold time is up.

PLEASE contact the ACO of the pound at:
or: 417-255-1860.
The pull fee is $20, which includes ONLY the dog.
You may also contact Betty at:
She is able to pull, hold short-term,
and assist with transport within about 100 miles of Birch Tree, MO.


We have a three legged dog up for adoption
Through Animal Services League, Rochester, NY
Sammy has a blog detailing his rehabilitation
after being rescued at the age of 7.
He is a front leg amputee (been gone long before we ever met).
Click Here to see his page and all his info!
Love your page.
Marni & Sammy
Tuesday March 25, 2008

Please help; a monster is loose on the streets of Kansas City, cutting the hind feet off dogs.

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