Three Legged Dog Club
About Us
Who Are We?

To sum it up, we're the friends of Three-Legged Dogs!

That's what Cassie's Club is all about - a place to share stories about our special friends. Some stories are happy, others are sad, but all are an inspiring look into a dog's spirit, and our love of it.

Cynthia & Cassie
Cynthia & Kurt Davis are the proud parents of Cassie, and are the founders of Cassie's Club. Cassie inspired them to share her story with others. So, in 1996, the Davis's went on to create Cassie's Club. You can read the newspaper article that started it all! The Davis's live in Lawrence, Kansas.

Marcey, Maria & Mila
Marcey Rhyne is the mother of Mila, a proud member of Cassie's Club. Marcey lives and works in beautiful Bend, Oregon. With so many proud parents of 3-legged dogs, the site was growing so Marcey redesigned it in 2004 and 2007 so that it would serve as a useful resource to families faced with the choice of amputation.

Do you know a Three-Legged Dog?
If so, we'd love it if you joined Cassie's Club.

Who We Aren't
We are neither veterinarians nor doctors. Information provided on this site about amputation and what to expect is based on our own experiences, the experiences of our beloved pets, Cassie's Club members, and limited research. We created and maintain this website for the purposes of our own interest, community outreach, comraderie, and goodwill. We neither promote nor oppose limb amputation, and believe it to be the choice only a veterinarian along with a pet's guardian can make in consideration of each pet's individual circumstances. We appreciate your interest and hope you'll visit us often.