Three Legged Dog Club
The Original Newspaper Article

"Web Page Hops Along Seeking Dog Support"
Tuesday, April 30, 1996. Page 3-B.
Cynthia and Kurt Davis have enjoyed their three legged dog Cassie so much since her adoption from the Lawrence animal shelter last September that they are creating a web page on the Internet for owners of similar dogs.

Just when it appeared there was a support group for every niche of American dysfunctional life, along comes Cynthia Davis.

She has a leg up on her new group, even if her dog doesn't. "Are you a three-legged dog?" she asks on her newly formed World Wide Web page. "Do you know a three-legged dog?"

Then, said Davis of Lawrence, you should join her new group. Davis, the owner of Cassie, a three-legged Boxer mix, is forming a support group for owners of dogs like hers.

Cassie - short for Hopalong Cassidy - was hit by a van and lost her front right leg. "My dog still has nightmares about it," Davis said. She came up with the idea to start a club for three-legged dog owners after seeing a JournalWorld article a few weeks ago. The article was about a dog that had its right leg severed after being hit by a car on Sixth Street. A group of people who didn't know each other or the dog picked up the animal and took him to a nearby veterinarian , where he underwent surgery and is recovering. Davis began Working on her web page after seeing the article. The page, which contains photographs of her and her dog, was posted Sunday on the Internet. "I've looked all over and I've never seen this particular thing on the Internet," she said. Davis is hoping to get in touch with other three-legged dog owners to discuss problems that the dogs face and the best ways for coping with them.

She obtained Cassie last September from the Lawrence Humane Society shelter. The dog had been owned by a fraternity before then. When the dog was hit by the van, fraternity members pitched in to help pay for her surgery. "My main point of this whole page ... is to show that people do a lot for these dogs," she said. "I really appreciate what they did for my dog."