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Hi Cassie, Cynthia and Kurt. My name is Cleo.

I'm a much-loved 12 year old Black Lab/Pitt Bull mix.

My family adopted me from the North Shore Animal League on Long Island when I was 3 months old. I've always been a very active girl. I tore my knee ligament in one leg when I was two. I did the same thing to the other leg when I was four. Both were corrected with surgery.

I started to have a problem with my right hind leg over a year ago. It took my doctors a long time (with the help of an MRI and a biopsy) to determine that I had cancer in the soft tissue of my leg. It had grown so big that it was becoming very painful for me. My doctors said that the amputation would be a cure
because the cancer had not spread to my body.

My Mom really agonized over what to do because she didn't know if I would be my happy, loving self with only 3 legs.
I watched her (actually I mainly slept) research my condition on the internet. When my family reminded Mom that my two favorite things in the whole world, being with my family and eating chew sticks, did not require 4 legs, the decision was made.

I had my surgery on January 29, 2006 (my human brother's birthday; I also have two cat brothers). My Mom and sister came to pick me up on January 30 and I walked to them.

Mom cried (I think that it was because she was happy to see me).

I pretty much do everything I did before.
I had a little trouble with a lot of stairs in the beginning but I had no trouble hopping up and down the 12 steps to get to the beach in Fire Island last weekend.

I still need a little help (a loving hand under my belly) to get into the car but Mom and I have developed a system.

Life is good!!

I am very proud to be a new member of your club.

Thanks Mom (Norah Montalbano) for helping me write this!

Wednesday May 31, 2006

Bo James

I have a question? My basset that I just got was bitten by another dog. It is badly infected now and it is his back leg. They want to take it off.

I cannot find any information on a Basset without one of its back legs. I do know it is better than a front leg because all of its weight is in the front. Do you have any members that have a basset like Bo?
I would very much like to talk to them about this.
Thank you,


Monday May 29, 2006

Bo is undergoing surgery right now.
I'm enclosing a picture of him.
The dog that attacked him was put down this morning.
It is Bo's right back leg.
He has other injuries also so they are trying to make sure all the other places are not life threatening.
The dog kept attacking him, he had to run and hide.
He didn't fight back at all, by the way it looks.
They other dog didn't have a single mark on him.
His ear, right front leg, under his right front leg and then both back legs
but the right one took the worst of it.
That is the one they are removing.
Thank you for answering my e mail.
Your site gave me a lot of valuable information on 3-legged sweethearts.

The thing is, I just picked him out from a Basset rescue in another state. This happened the day after I chose him. They were getting ready to have drivers get him to me and then when they went out to the barn to get him, there he was. I haven't even got to pet him yet.

I could choose a different dog, but I think he chose me.

The leg is gone and everything went well.
The operation took longer than they thought it would,
but they say they got all the infection out.
The rest of his injuries were cleaned
and with the help of antibiotics he should be fine.
I have never had a three legged dog before, it will be new for me. I have been through more this last week with this dog
than I have ever been though with any dog before.
I'm 53 and have always been around dogs all my life.
He will get out of the hospital tomorrow and then they are going to keep him until he gets to doing better and they are sure everything is going to be fine with him. This is a really wonderful place, I have another Basset from them that I got 2 years ago.

They are taking care of the entire bill.

When it happened, he was in another state, and he is now about 2 1/2 hours away from me in the state I live in.

Thank you so very much for all you have done to help us with this.

Kathy & Bo James
Brandon, Iowa 52210

Tuesday May 30, 2006

Well he is going great!!!
I'm sending you a picture of him.
He is finally on the mend.

Thank you so much for your web page, it has helped me a lot.

Friday June 2, 2006

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