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Bentley is my boyfriend's and my dog.
He is a mutt, but we do believe he consists of German Shepard and Boxer. I got him from the pound about 3 months ago.
He is 5 months old.
He was staying at his grandma's house (Ben's moms) playing with all his friends, when he went out into the street and was hit by a car.

Ben's Mom and husband took him to the pet ER because he was bleeding excessively.
By the time Ben and I got there, they had stabilized him.
They told us because there was so much damage to his left back leg, they had to amputate. This only happened yesterday, so we all are still adjusting. I get to pick him up tomorrow, and we both can't wait for him to be home. We are so happy that he survived this experience and we plan on loving him more than ever.

Jenni Brashear & Ben Walsh
Sunday July 30, 2006


Hi Cassie and Company,

My name is Cooper and I am a very special dog.
I was rescued by some loving people who helped me in a very bad time of my life. I was previously owned by a family that didn't take vary good care of me.

I wasn't fed well and when I ran into the street one day, I broke my front leg. I didn't have my leg fixed for a year and developed an infection in the elbow joint.

When that family could no longer take care of me, they sent me out, where I was found roaming stray.

The humane society members found me and took me in.

I was then referred to a lab rescue group who nursed me back to health and received funds through donations to have my front leg amputated since it was causing a life threatening infection.

Once I was stable enough, I was adopted into a new family who has cared for me for the last 3 years.

I am so happy to see there are so many other healthy dogs out there just like me!!!!

Monday July 31, 2006

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