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Hello. My name is Kelly and attached is some pictures of my dog, Chloe. I just found out this past Tuesday (3 days after our wedding I might add) that a suspicious lump on Chloe's front leg was believed to be osteosarcoma. Yesterday, Thursday Oct 26th we took her to an oncologist specialist to confirm our worst nightmare. We adopted Chloe this past July and she is our entire world.

This was devastating news for us considering we have only had her for 4 months. The vet told us, after numerous xrays and almost 5 hours later of waiting, that she received a clean bill of health! There are no signs of cancer anywhere else in her body (except her left front leg) and he truly believes she would continue to have the great quality of life she has now. And also feels with the amputation and chemo our chances are better than most. We love our dog probably more than we love each other and want to do everything in our power to keep her as long as we can.

I am interested in contacting some people, who possibly are in my area (Rhode Island), who have experienced amputation surgery on such a large dog. I know the oncologist we saw was one of the best, and he told us that he has seen greater and sometimes faster recovery in larger dogs then he has seen in some smaller breeds. As you can see by the photo she is a St. Bernard and weighs 145 lbs, this is my concern.

We want to do what's right for her and the doctor was pretty hopeful of her being just fine with the amputation and the treatment. I was actually forwarded your website from the lady that fostered Chloe before we adopted her.

I have kept in contact with her foster mom, sending her funny pictures and just letting her know that Chloe is doing fine and it was quite unfortunate I had to call her this week with this news. She is very supportive of any decision we make and knows above all else we will do what's right for our dog. I guess I am putting the cart before the horse sending my story but I am very eager to learn how other peoples experiences have been - good and bad. I guess I am also looking for some kind of reassurance that all the back and forth and emotional roller coasters that I am riding right now is normal and I really am not going as crazy as I feel I am.

It helps to know there are clubs and people who have made these decisions and I guess I might benefit from somebody who really doesn't know Chloe other than to see her photo and to let me know about their experience. Thank you in advance to all who might answer.

Kelly, Jason & Chloe
Friday October 27, 2006


Hi everyone,
My name is Ethel and on September 28th I became a member of the elite group known as tripods!

My story doesn't start there it began on August 30th When my mom let us out in the morning (us being 3 other dogs and me). We live in the country so you can hear a vehicle long before you see it. I don't think I have to go into details as to what happened next, except my mom tried to stop me. The next thing I knew we were on our way to the vet. I couldn't stand up and was in shock, they made me comfortable and operated on me the next morning to try and repair my right front femur. I stayed a few days there and went home. I was doing well for a while but something happened no one is for sure what even I couldn't tell you. So the decision was made to remove the leg. By the way while all this was going on my mom was a complete and utter basket case. Since I lost my leg I'm doing so much better life is returning to normal I'm back to bossing everyone around ( it's harder being queen than it is walking on 3 legs). Well I will let my mom tell why she thinks I'm special. Oh, by the way here are pics of me.

In May of '04 I decided to visit the local shelter now mind this was a total impulse, I looked around and saw this adorable puppy, love at first sight She never chewed anything, never went through puppyhood the bad things. Except for this recent incident perfectly behaved. She's the type of dog that loves everyone and they her. I cannot put into words how I feel about her except losing her was not an option. Things have changed around here I had part the yard fenced. I would like to thank Dr. Susan and staff at Stockman's for their efforts and kindness and your website for helping me get through this not everyone understands your going through, the stories gave me a lot of hope.

So once again thank you and lots of luck

Cathy in Nebraska
Saturday October 28, 2006


Hello Cynthia,
Ethel is doing great and yes she is Ethel Mertz's namesake ! I lost Lucy in Feb. And she truly was Lucy. I forgot to mention that after Ethel came out of surgery I was looking for something about dog amputees and your site was the only one that gave hope and comfort. It's like Dr. Susan said about Ethel she is an old soul in a young body. Oh by the way when she jumps down from the couch she makes perfect three point landings.

The very best to you and Cassie,

Cathy and Ethel
Saturday October 28, 2006

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