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Hi Cassie's Club!
My name is Jaida, and I am 12 weeks old.
About a week ago, one of my moms emailed you to ask for help and advice...

They knew that I was coming home with them very soon,
and they were a bit nervous about what to expect,
because I was born with a deformed leg,
but they were REALLY excited.

My moms took me away from a very poor lady
who didn't know how to care for me and my siblings properly.
I was covered in poop, my feet were burned from walking on wet floors all the time, and it turned out that my "little cough" was very, very bad pneumonia.

My moms loved me to pieces, anyways!!

This is a picture of me at the hospital,
where I had to stay for the weekend because of my sick lungs.
I am looking closely at a Kong filled with cookies,
and pretending that I can't stand up to get it!!

(Shhh...I like to be carried around).

When my lungs are better (my poor moms have to give me shots of antibiotics every day, and thump my chest to get the gunk out), the vet is going to amputate my bad leg.

Thank goodness, because it gets in the way when I'm playing, and is very heavy!

I started to feel better much faster than anyone could have hoped for,
so I got to go home yesterday and meet my doggy sister Gracie, and my 2 kitty sisters and brother. I love my new happy home and think I am the luckiest pup ever!

Hi, this is Jaida's moms, Crystal and Kim.
This baby stole our hearts the second we laid eyes on her,
and we knew we had to take her home.

We didn't even really get to touch her until the vets had done their X-rays, and cleaned her up, but we were madly in love with her right from the start.

We were a little worried about her getting her strength up,
because she had very little room to get around where she used to live
and wasn't very active at the vets.

We discovered, though, that cats are excellent motivators and provide great physical therapy.

She lays down and cries if we try to entice her to walk to us for some lovin' ("Oh, I couldn't possibly walk THAT far, I'm so feeble!
Please come and pick me up, woe is me!!"),
but as soon as a cat comes near, she's up on all three and rocketing around the house without a care in the world.

In other words, she's a big faker.
(But we're on to her, so no more being carried everywhere...
well, except for maybe stairs, until she's bigger :-)

Anyways, the stories on the site have been great,
and I'm grateful to see pictures of dogs after their surgeries.
The giant incision won't be quite so scary now.

Thanks to everyone who posted their "tails"
and love to all the awesome three-leggers out there.
We will post more (and less hospital-y) pictures and provide an update later.


Crystal and Kim
Ontario, Canada
Tuesday February 20, 2007


Hi Cassie and Cynthia,
Jaida wanted to give you an update to her story:
I have been home with my moms for about 6 weeks now, and I'm doing great! I'm growing like crazy and best of all, my pneumonia is almost all better! I'm having lots of fun running around with my sister Gracie and my cats. My moms tell me that I am NOT-TEE a lot, but I'm pretty sure that means I know how to play really well.

I went to see the vet again a few weeks ago, and the doctor and my mom were talking about something called a SER-GER-EEE. I think that's the thing the doctor will do to make my boo-boo leg stop hurting and bonking on things all the time. I think the SER-GER-EEE is going to happen pretty soon, in about a month. I think my moms are a bit nervous, but I'm a good dog and will be NOT-TEE again in no time after it's all done.

My moms think I'm so special that they made me my own website.
It's a BLOG actually, which is kinda like my diary.

There are stories and pictures about me and my sister,
and once the SER-GER-EEE happens, I'm going to tell everyone about it so other moms and dads can read what it's like.

Click Here to see new pictures and videos of me, now that I'm feeling better.

That's it, for now! Bye!

Jaida and her Moms, Crystal and Kim
Wednesday April 4, 2007


Hi Cynthia, I love the updated look on your website...
especially the adoption section.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you one last update on our girl Jaida.
After months of planning, we had decided to amputate Jaida's malformed arm at the elbow, and have her fitted for a lower arm prosthesis.
Her surgery was on June 14.

Unfortunately, there were complications with this surgery
and the remaining stump simply did not heal well at all.
After about 10 days' worth of desperate attempts to resuture/staple/bandage/save the stump, we had to make the decision to amputate the remaining part of the arm.

We again had some complications, mainly with seroma (fluid) buildup at the surgical site. It was a long, difficult, and distressing month.

Happily, the fluid buildup eventually came under control,
the incisions healed beautifully, and once her sutures/drains were removed, she was back to her wonderful, silly, happy, beautiful self.

This little tripod has been the brightest light, the biggest joy in our lives.
We love her like crazy and can't imagine life without her.
Other than a few little scabby bits and still-growing-in fur,
the surgeries are now far behind her.

Thank you once again for your wonderful site...

it was the first of many incredibly supportive resources we were lucky to find in the early stages of our journey with amputation.

I hope others continue to stumble onto this wealth of information, optimism, and hope for other tripods! Here is Jaida's latest photograph.
Her fur is still patchy, but her smile is ever-present and dazzling. Enjoy!

I think you have the link to Jaida's blog already, but you can always post it again :-D

There are lots of pics, several videos (including two recent post-surgical clips of her running), and the whole saga of Jaida from start to now...
you can post them as you like, or simply post the blog site.
Use whatever material you would like for the benefit of others.

Yes, this little gal DOES radiate light and sunshine...
brings smiles to our hearts and just delights us every day.
Can't imagine being without her, ever.

Keep up the great work!
A few more pics for you too....I love the one of her "hugging the earth"...

Crystal & Kim
Monday July 30, 2007


Hi Cynthia,
Jaida wanted me to pass on her birthday picture...
she turned one year old on the 16th of November!
We are so proud of her to have made it this far,
with everything she had to overcome.

We're looking forward to many, many more special days like this.

Crysta, Kim and Jaida
Monday November 19, 2007


I'm the Gizzer!

I just moved into my new home here in CT on Feb. 6th
at the mighty age of 6 1/2 years old.
Lots of good things are happening in my little ole life!
Check this out!
So let's start from the beginning.
I have an interesting history, you see.

When I was born, my momma dog would not nurse me.
I was a little runt in a puppy mill where they didn't want to take care of me
or any other sick dogs, but a nice lady named Kathie came by
and tried really hard to get my mom to let me nurse.
But try as Kathie might, my momma dog just would not let me near her.
I think momma knew I was different than her other dogs.

So this nice lady, Kathie, rescued me.
She swept me away and took me home
because the puppy mill lady was going to "let nature take its course."

The puppy mill lady kinda does that to all her dogs.

Not nice!

It is really upsetting to see.
Kathie was mad at the puppy mill lady and did the right thing by me.

I would be in heaven right now if it weren't for my hero, Kathie.

And I have lots of living to do before I head to heaven someday.
Kathie kept me close to her body for months so I'd stay warm
(betcha never knew sports bras could save lives!
I lived in there for months for life-saving warmth!).
She said I was 3 months old before I was bigger than her hand.

When I was a few months old, Kathie taught me to walk.
Yep, she TAUGHT me!
You see, I'm not like other dogs.
Nope, I am SpEcIaL!
I have two pretty good back legs,
but my front legs are not so helpful when I need to get around.
My right leg only has a little piece, like a little chicken wing.
I have no foot on that side and hardly any leg.

I call that my "lucky fin" -- just like in "Finding Nemo."

Nemo had one on his right side, too!
And Nemo was pretty famous and stuff!

My left front leg kind of twists outward kinda funny,
so it can't really hold my front end up so great after awhile, and I wobble a lot.
Sometimes it gets sore.
The doctor said some of my bones are fused together in that leg,
and some just have arthritis from doing so much work
holding up 65% of my body weight.
But I do manage to hop around.
Lately, though, my only "good" front leg has been bothering me.
So it's been harder for me to get around.

Then in February, I learned about the miracle of
Kathie loved me very, very much,
but came upon some very hard times and wanted to be sure I had the best of care.
She made a very difficult decision out of love for me.
She brought me to a special rescue,
"RetroDoggy Rescue,"
which specializes in Yorkies and Maltese dogs,
and she wanted to be sure I went to a home that would love me lots
and give me the additional medical care I now needed.
I was fostered very lovingly there until I found my forever home,
and they cleaned my teeth up nice and shiny, too!

And now this where my new mom came in!

I just moved from Michigan allllll the way to Connecticut
to be with my new forever family!
Thirteen dedicated volunteer drivers helped to get me here!
What a long trip!
It took 2 days!
I rode with 3 other cool dogs, though.
We learned that they all found good homes within a week!
Isn't that great?!
Life is good!
It was a happy ride for us all.

Okay, now here is the really **cool** news.
I wuz just fit with a custom hot rod!
My own GiZzMoBiLe!
Front wheel drive!
That's because mom brought me to get fit for a special doggy cart for special dogs!
She says it will take the pressure off the front of my body while still using my front leg and I can push myself along and RUN LIKE THE WIND!
Like, FAST!
And it will still allow me to exercise my front leg.
That leg is pretty important to me.
Plus I can get more exercise because the doctor said I was chubby.
The runt!
Well now!
I guess I've moved up in the world!
But the doc said I have to work on that.
Okay, doc. I promise. I'll exercise.
But exercise will be easier to do now, 'cuz I can plan on running super fast anywhere I want, in my new hot rod!
So look out world!
I hope mom puts a horn on it!
Beep! Beep!...
no ... wait... "aaa OOO gah!"

February 9, mom and I drove kinda far and I went to the dog cart experts.
They are called Eddie's Wheels (
It took two weeks for them to make a special cart just for me,
and I am now the coolest dude on the sidewalk!
Mom said she'd make me a special flag for my doggie cart that says "Go Gizz!" and "Gang Way! Gizzy at Play!" or "Gizzmobile!"

My dogster friend, Tucker -- the cute disabled pug -- he has a cart
and he tells me it will make me cool with the ladies.
How about that!
Mom just looked worried when I told her that.
Maybe that should be our little secret.
Just kidding, mom!
Mom is going to take lots of pictures
and we'll have updates and videos as I learn to drive.

She says I am her "inn-spur-ay-shun."

Is that like calling me her baby? Or her honey?
I dunno.
But it sure sounds good, the way she says it.
In the meantime, I have 3 furry new brothers and sisters who really like me!
I am one lucky dogger!
And mom keeps giving me kisses all over my head.
She says she's "over the moon," about me.

My new mom and Kathie keep in touch all the time now.
My new mom loves to brag about all the cool stuff I do,
and Kathie loves to hear about me.
I am SO lucky so many people love me.
How many dogs can say they have two moms?
I sure am special.
Life is good!
You can see more of me and videos of me using my cart
by clicking HERE or HERE

"Some days you're the dog, and some days you're the hydrant."
~ Donna ~
Monday February 26, 2007

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