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My name is Lopi and I am a 6 1/2 year old mixed breed girl.

When I was about three months old, I was thrown out of a car on a mountain road.

Luckily, my (new) Dad, Ray, happened to be passing by and picked me up and brought me home to my (new) Mom, Lona. It was love at first sight and we have been very happy together.

I have a baby sister, Madge, a German Shepard, who is a bit of a nuisance, but I love her and we take care of each other. We have a cat brother, H. I., who we terrorize, but all in good fun.

I had bone cancer in my right back leg that was diagnosed on the Tuesday before my surgery last Thursday (2/22).
Mom Lona says we are very lucky to have done the amputation because it was either that or the cancer was the type that nothing could be done and I would not have made it.
Mom and Dad say they're very pleased to have their own little 3LD!

I was brought back home on Monday (2/26) but had to go back to the vet Tuesday (2/27) and Wednesday (2/28) for pulling my staples/stitches out.

Last night, I slept in a "soft" e-collar but that did not work.
Mom's only alternative is to put me in the hard plastic kind,
which she did not want to do because I spook easily from being mistreated before they got me.

Mom & Dad really like your page. It had very helpful information for my pending amputation.

My surgery was February 22, two weeks and a day ago, and I am doing great. I get my stitches/staples out on Monday (3/12).

Mom & Dad say I am well enough to join Cassie's Club now.
This picture does not show my lack of leg, but we do have some,
it just doesn't look so great yet.
I'll be back in touch with my progress soon!
Mom says I'm the sweetest thing ever!

Licks and Kisses,
Lopi Renee Harris Walker
Friday March 9, 2007



This is my 4yr old GSD cross Rocky.
I'm a Police dog handler and I first met him when he was
taken on for assessment but proved to be too soft for police work!
From the first time I met him I knew that he was a special dog
and I jumped at the chance to adopt him.

He lost his left foreleg due to a bandage injury (veterinary error!)
following a minor paw injury when he was about 18 months old.

He has coped so well with losing a limb, it's like he never had it.
In fact, many visitors to the house ask "Why is your dog limping?"
They don't realise he's missing a limb 'til its pointed out to them!

He is such a happy dog, he loves life and I would urge anyone
who considers euthanasia over amputation to look at his example
as to how a dog can cope so well with a missing limb.

Darren and Sally
Sunday March 11, 2007

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