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This is Lola, we got her from Russell Rescue in April.
She was found on the streets and taken to the emergency vet in our area. She came out of surgery Saturday morning and I was in the vet office for our other JRT. The vet asked if we would be interested in another JRT and we were not sure. After a couple of days to think about it, we took her home.

She is the most loving and sweetest dog you will ever find.
Her and Booboo get along like they were raised together.
Booboo is 2 yrs old and our vet said Lola was about 1 to 1 1/2 yrs old.

My daughter is in the picture with her, they have fallen hopelessly in love. She is talking about how she is going to take Lola to college when she goes in two years. I am not sure if my husband or Booboo will be able to stand it.

She has been such a blessing to our family and she has no problem keeping up with our 4 legged JRT.

Something had happened to her foot and when the vet got her, it was black and gangrene was going up her leg; after her surgery, she healed so well and it has not slowed her down.

My daughter and I are trying to get her involved as some kind of service dog for visiting children in the hospital, to show them how a handicap doesn't have to slow you down.

Tracy and Rebekah Walker
Tampa, FL
Saturday May 5, 2007


Hey there Cassie,
I'd like to tell you about my sweetie pie, Pipin.

She came to us with a smile on her face a mile wide
at the animal shelter in October 2005;
they couldn't tell us much about her background,
only that she and another dog had been dumped on the side of the road, and she was only about 4months old.

Mostly brown with touches of black along her back,
breed type unknown although suggestions have been made from German Shepard, Terrier X to Whippet to alsorts.

The main thing about her is that no matter what,
she will give you a grin and loads of love.
There are times when I'm in the armchair across from her bed
and she will just stare at me for as long as 15 minutes sometimes.
I'm sure she is trying to read my mind.

Anyway, in November 2006 we were out walking down near a river walk
that we go on regularly and while we were getting some firewood
she had run across the road to the river where she normally goes swimming.

Unfortunately, there was a young lad and his girlfriend speeding down the road in their car and before it was too late to stop the car had hit her.

I could go on for ages about the terrible time we went through with her
with the vet trying to save the leg, with operation and pinning it
and it being in a bandage for over 2 months. She was very depressed
and not our happy little girl. Eventually in January this year,
we had to accept the vet's words when he told us that the pinning
had not worked and that she would lose the leg.

By that stage she was well used to hopping around, but she wasn't happy. Incredibly, 2 days after having the operation to remove the leg,
she was literally bouncing around the garden.

Pipin has come on in leaps and bounds since, and even 3 weeks ago
she finally plucked up the courage to go back in the water
and has managed to learn to swim which she totally loves,
be it the sea, or a river, or even a muddy puddle on a hot day.

Here are some photos of her, lazing on her bed arms in the air as she likes and also in the garden waiting for me to play football with her.
I wish I had one of her smilin' but she is never still enough for the camera then; but I will try and take one and add it another time.

Take care Cassie, "Woof Woof," to you.
Selina Blu
Tuesday May 8, 2007

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