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Thanks for maintaining the website. It's been a great resource
as we've undergone our Labrador's experience with an amputation.
Here's Chance's story:

Hello. My name is Chance and I'm happy to be a member of Cassie's Club. I've been a tripod since May 23.

My leg started hurting in the spring and we found out that I had cancer in it. The vets at Virginia Tech took such good care of me and gave me rides on the Chance-mobile while I got used to being a tripod.

It's been three weeks and I'm feeling so much better. My pain from the cancer is gone and I'm feeling like a pup again, even though I'm 12!
I can't believe that I'm able to romp in the field again to chase after my people. My handsome black coat is even growing back in.

I took a couple of spills while learning, but I'm getting pretty accustomed on how to hop around without one of my front legs. Since I'm hopping like a bunny, I thought it might help catch one. But, I still can't catch them like before!

My people are trying to help me lose weight so I'm not too tough on the front leg. I'm so glad that they care about me enough to go to Virginia Tech for the surgery. They were so sad when we first went to the hospital and heard some big lone word like osteosarc-something or another.

I've almost worn a hole in my tail wagging it when I see them smile again.

I hope that any people that read this realize that we can still be happy dogs and have a great lives with fewer than four legs.

Chance & his people (Will & Stephanie) Prewitt
Kegley, W.Va.
Tuesday June 12, 2007


On December 21, 2006 I received horrifying news that Nakita, my 8 year old rottweiler mix, was hit by a car. She snuck out of the yard and saw another dog across the street.

The Doctor said her femur was shattered into small pieces and they wanted to try to save the leg. I gave the ok and then began the longest 4 months for us. After three more surgeries the bone wasn't healing properly.

The thought of amputation at her age and size terrified me. I felt so alone and didn't know what to do. Thank God I stumbled upon this wonderful website. I read all the stories and cried. I told the vet I didn't want any more surgeries because we were ready to move on.

The day after surgery she was up and walking alone!

It's now almost 7 months after the accident and she is doing wonderful! Sometimes she loses her balance but she gets right back up. I bought a baby stroller for our walks and when she gets tired she hops right in.
Every time we go somewhere I just love showing her off because people are always surprised to see a three-legged dog look so happy!

Nakita and I are so thankful for the inspiring stories.
Thank you, Cassie's Dog Club!

Linda Desautels
June 18, 2007

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