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My name is Stef & I am the proud Mum of Lillie, the 5yr old Rottweiler. She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma last Wednesday.

We had her hind right leg amputated last Friday & will be starting Chemo in a week. Lillie is up on her feet & walking as well as we had hoped.

Unfortunately for Lillie, 12 weeks ago, she had cruciate surgery
on the back leg that is left, so she does seem in a lot of pain with this leg, she is also very grumpy & seems to be suffering from a slight depression. She is on Tramadol & Rimadyl.

She has completely gone off her regular food, Nature's Diet, so I am making up beef & veg casseroles for her. I am having to feed her by hand as she doesn't have a lot of desire to get off the couch. She is drinking plenty & peeing & pooing. I am back @ the ortho today to see if the depression etc is normal.

I'll let you know! Could anyone give me any feedback from this?

Kind regards from the UK,
Stef & Lillie
Monday July 9, 2007

The vet has changed her meds to paracetamol & codeine, also still the rimadyl for her other poor achy knee!! We have just been out to the park & she loved it!!! First smile I have seen on her face in ages!!! Her Grandad FRED is also on his way to see her!!

I do think the walks will help, don't you? Because of all the surgery she has had, she has been cooped up for 13 weeks. She was raring to go, even tried a little run. We both lay in the sun together. Lots of people coming over for a chat!! The pics on the couch are 3 days after her op, the one outside is TODAY!!! Yipee!! Thank you for your response & it will be good to chat with people who understand.

Stef & Lillie!
Monday July 9, 2007

Thank you!!!!!
We were thinking of Hydrotherapy.

If Lillie's mood doesn't really lift, will she be able to endure the Chemo? She was happy to be out, but as soon as we came home she got on her couch & was grumpy & miserable again. We have to start the Chemo as soon as possible. It's 11 days since surgery and the Ortho wants her to start Chemo Monday.

I'm still really worried.

Thank you so much for your advice so far.
I think she is just missing being out!
When we got Lillie 4 years ago, she was a rescue.
She had had what seemed a pretty raw deal from the start.
She was terribly vicious & not nice to be around.

We had just lost our herd Rottie, Murphy, to spindle cell cancer. He was 9. I wasn't going to give up on her. I am so glad I didn't!!! She is showing all the traits of when we first got her. Nothing else is missing. She has a walker who has still been coming round to give her a cuddle while we are at work; Lillie even grumbled at her, yesterday! That's really out of character. Do you think it's 'cause Bev normally takes her for a massive walk & now, suddenly she's not?

She did seem so much better while out yesterday & her little nub went crazy when she saw different people! I CRIED!!

We normally buy her loads of toys every week; she is starting to protect them though, like she used to 4 years back.

I can't wait to get home to get her out! Is Chemo difficult for them?

Luv, Stef & Lillie
Tuesday July 10, 2007

Hello to you.
Just wanted to check in with you about Lillie.

Miss grumbly is still a bit grumbly. Her depression seems to be lifting though. We are getting her out for lots of lovely walks & hopefully she can start Chemo next week. We go back to the Ortho Friday. I did however find a lump type thing on her shoulder?? He is going to take a look at it for me. Lillie's appetite is almost back to normal, although, I am still feeding her by hand!! I'm not bothered though, does no harm.

Big "Thank You" to you, for your help & support.
Let's hope I can share a success story with you!!!

Hugs from Stef & Lillie.
Thursday July 12, 2007


I am sending Elvis's story, as I thought it might help some of your readers. Elvis had his left front leg amputated early May.

He had an accident, we're not sure what, racing with his sister Charlie, and damaged the ligaments.

There was a possibility of an operation with a plate and fused leg, but it sounded as if he would have a better chance with an amputation and that is what we decided.

It was a shocking time for us and full of grief, saying goodbye to the four legged dog we had had for 4 years. We loved watching him run and race with his sister, powerful legs pounding the ground, the "turbo dog," one of our friends called him.

He was a very fit and strong dog.

Elvis came home the day after the operation; the vet said he hadn't seen a dog recover so quickly. We had to encourage him to lie low and rest, and I dosed him with good food, herbs and homeopathy which worked well in terms of no itching and the scar healing quickly.

The vet said to pace him with his exercise which we did, it was painful seeing him so exhausted at first, hopping is hard work, once he could run again he was better as he could get a flow going (the difference between a horse cantering and trotting).

Unfortunately, the second week of exercise he strained his back legs and had to be rested again. I still think he has a bit of a crabbed gait at times and one of his back legs seems to turn in at times.

I took him to a dog chiropractor about 10 weeks after the amputation and his movements are more fluid now.

On Sunday we climbed our first mountain, although we decided against going right to the top as it is the the coming down which puts pressure on the front leg and joints. It was about an hour's climb up. We will go right to the top, next time.

Today we went to the beach and he had a great time running and turning and racing with his sister again. Our little farm is on a hill and the ground is quite rough, but Elvis has been used to it and is quite nimble really, we won't allow him to race downhill and we monitor the uphill!!

He often trips or stumbles, but rights himself quickly.

It has been poignant watching him run towards us, he runs at a lower crouch than with 4 legs and is almost like a jumbo jet landing in a strong wind, swaying to get his balance.

We are starting to get totally used to a 3 legged dog in the pack, the different sounds of him moving through the house.

He has always been a great sheepdog and is working towards that again, too.

We kept Elvis from a litter of 7, along with his sister, and they have grown up racing each other and superfit. Elvis has always had a laid back, very gentle personality and nothing has changed, I have never seen him look sad or poignant since the operation, it is us who have felt that and had to go through the grief of the change and be grateful we still have him and can still do all the things with him that we've always enjoyed.

Hopefully I will be able to send photos later of Elvis on the mountaintops!!

Elizabeth Camm
Friday July 13, 2007


Hi Cassie,
Here are Elvis and Charlie on the beach,
and on the top of Mt Richardson, Canterbury, new Zealand!!

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Camm
Friday November 9, 2007

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