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In my old age I read the entire newspaper,
including the classified section,
and an ad for "Adult Border Collies for Sale" caught my attention.

Having the previous year adopted a year old border collie
and half considering a playmate/companion for her, I called.

Unfortunately, I found the place was awful.

The owner opened a gate and a flood of dogs came in, all female.
I was looking for a male, but under the circumstances was considering one of them. Then out through the same gate hopped Sal, the only male, gorgeous and missing a front leg/shoulder.

Love at first sight, but he sure stank!

I asked about the injury (run over)
and discussed his condition (recovered one year previously and real champ!). Took him home to meet Patsy (that went swimmingly)
and I gave him a bath and called to confirm the adoption.

He was 25% off!

It's been about a year since Sal came into our family.
He was very shy and nervous at first,
but with a lot of love he's doing great and we love him dearly.

People sometimes don't even notice he's a tripod,
and to those who do, I pretend to be surprised and look around,
wondering where that leg went to...

Sal loves to swim.
Burps loudly after each meal.
Romps wildly with his sister.
Iffy on icy snow and going down stairs, but makes out well.

Doesn't like the car much.
Shy around the cats.
Rolls in deer poop at every opportunity.
Steals butter.

Just a regular dog.

I love my tripod.

Pietro Cecchi
North Stonington, CT
Sunday December 30, 2007


This is Zeke, a beautiful brindle Greyhound
with his beautiful brother, Elliot.

They were born on 5-1-07 and are now 8 months old.
I transported Zeke off the Dubuque Race track in Iowa
at the age of 5 1/2 weeks. He had a severely damaged rear leg.
At the age of 4 months it was decided to amputate the leg.

It was a difficult decision, but has turned out to be the best.
He can now run with his brother Elliot
and do all the things his stiff rear leg was preventing him from doing.

He is in obedience classes and we are going to start beginner's classes. We are working towards him becoming a therapy dog.

He is friendly, outgoing, and is learning very fast, for 8 months old.
I believe that being a therapy dog will be the perfect vocation for him
and his brother. I just found out about your club thru my deafdog Yahoo group and feel this is a fantastic club.

Zeke has no handicap.
There isn't anything his brother does that he can't do.
He can run as fast as Elliot with no problem.
He is a GREYT boy.

Mikki Razor
Tuesday January 1, 2008

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