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Hi my name is Andy but my mom calls me baby boy. I am a spoiled rotten baby, but my mom and family love me lots. I think cassie is a cutie! Mom also got me from the animal shelter; thx for sharing your page with us all.

Baby Boy and Mom, Dianne

My name is Denise. I sent you an e-mail a while ago now, about "Kimba" my little white fluffy Maltese X Shih-tzu. Kimba was born without her left paw.

She holds her little stunted leg up close to her body, hidden in her fluff, so it looks like there is no leg at all.

She is 11 weeks old now,and loves running around with her Mum and Dad in our big back yard. She's doing so well. My kids drag her around everywhere when she's not wrestling and running with her parents.

I've attached a few pics of her, for your site. I'm shure you'll love her. I'll send you some more as she grows up. Next time, I'll remember to wash and brush her first. Oh well, she still looks cute, even though she was having a had hair day when I took these pics.

Bye for now, We'll talk to you again soon,

Denise and Kimba
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