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My name is Lauren Posovsky and I would like to join my parents' dog, Cassidy Posovsky to your club.

Like Cassie, my father also named his male shephard mix Cassidy
(after Hop a Long) after finding him six weeks ago roaming the street of Valley Stream, NY.

Cassidy is less than a year old and it was determined that he lost his leg on the street, since the vets confirmed that no vet would have amputated Cassidy's leg at the point at which his leg is missing
(at about the 'knee').

Cassidy is loving and affectionate.

Half-starved when my father found him, he has put on no less than 10 lbs in the last month. He is healthy and happy and loves his older sister, Bella (a 116-lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback).

My father is looking into getting Cassidy a prosthesis (sp?) for his back hind leg, but in the meantime, Cassidy is quick and is able to get around very well.

I'll send a photograph as soon as I get one, but would love to join for the new member of my family.

Thursday October 13, 2005

Hi Cynthia,

You know, they actually did discuss that with my father
(removing the remainder of the stump), but there is a teaching hospital in North Carolina that is interesed in seeing if there is anything they can do for Cassidy.

Next month, my father is driving him down to NC where they will do a cat scan.

There are two options:
1. an exterior articial leg or
2. an interior artificial leg that they would surgically attach to the remainder of the bone.

Since it is a teaching hospital, they said they will do the surgery at no charge!

Sad news though; I found out yesterday that Cassidy had Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, but he is on antibiotics for the next 6 weeks, and the vet thinks he will make a full recovery.

Apparently he must have had a tick on him while he was living on the street. On the bright side though, he is up to 58 lbs (that's 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks).

Isn't it astounding what we will do for our 3 and 4-legged friends?
I can't wait to send you photos of ours!
Have a great day!

Sunday October 16, 2005


We spoke a couple of years ago about our Cassidy,
found in the Bronx and adopted by my parents.

Click Here for an update as to what he's up to, this week!
A photo of our handsome boy is attached.

Lauren Posovsky
Tuesday July 29, 2008

Cassidy - our celebrity pup!
Click these links for news on Cassidy!
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Lauren Posovsky
Friday August 1, 2008

Cassie's Note:

Aren't the miracles of modern science tremendous?
Please congratulate Cassidy as he bravely "em-BARKS"
upon his new 4-legged life, joining the ranks of my friends below
who have surgically implanted permanent prosthetic legs!

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March 3, 2007
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May 22, 2007

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My husband and I adopted Murray 3 weeks ago from a local rescue group. Murray has 4 legs, but one is very deformed and does not function. He is our almost 3 legged dog.

Murray is an outstanding dog who does not lack in energy!
He loves to play catch, go for walks and RUN!

I am interested in hearing other 3 legged or almost 3 legged dog stories. As you can see in the pictures, his special leg doesn't touch the ground and he holds it up like that all the time.

So far, vets have said there is no need to take the leg off.

He was in at least one home before the rescue group where he lived for 2 months.

The first person to have him locked him up in a create 8+ hours and then got mad when he was so excited to see her, so she'd shut him up in the bathroom or closet.

So of course he was out of control, being ignored all the time. He is a very friendly pup and just wants to be around you.

I think he was hit at this home, as he has flinched away from me a few times.

He is really scared of a lot of things.

He has made huge progress in the last 3 weeks we've had him,
he hasn't destroyed anything and is learning basic training.
The guesses we have heard about his age is 8 months to one year.
I think all his baby teeth are gone, so I am thinking closer to one year.

I am just so happy he will never be treated meanly again. He is in a forever home with people (my husband & I) who LOVE him and are invested in helping him be the happiest healthiest dog ever!

We have made huge gains already.

I have been teaching basic training (sitting, down, stay, come) and he picks it up as fast as I can figure out how to do it (he is my 1st dog).

We take him someplace everyday too;
the park, beach, a friends house, wherever.

He just didn't have these experiences before us,
so we are letting him meet the world and bark his little head off.
My Basenji barks..... Ah, but I love him!

Thanks for reading this and caring for 3 legged dogs.
The web site looks like a lot of work and I am very thankful for it.
I know Murray is not a 3 legged dog, but we have similar issues, concerns and challenges.

Thank you,
Sarah Holland
Olympia, WA
Wednesday August 20, 2008

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