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Our dog Coco was given to us by a friend who didn't want her anymore; she was only 2 months old at the time.

She is a Red Heeler, now 3 years old, and she is our baby.

She wasn't always 3 legged; just recently.

My husband is a truck driver and ever since we got Coco, she has ridden in the truck with him.

About 3 months ago, they were in Arizona and had a really bad accident. Coco was sleeping in the middle of the front seats when the accident happened. Given the extent of the accident, my husband thought she was dead.

We finally found out she was alive and they had sent her to an animal shelter. While my husband was in the hospital, we tried to get her to a vet who would see her.

It took a week before a vet would even look at her. In the accident, her right front paw was missing all but one toe and her dew claw was ripped off.

There was no way they could keep her leg, with the extent of the injuries to that leg. She has healed well and we are so thankful she is here with us; we don't know what we would have done, without her.

She is very active. She loves to play catch even though now she can't stop and she tumbles to the ground when she chases the ball, but she is getting better.

Even with one less leg, she still hogs our king size bed and leaves us with no room to sleep.

These are two pictures of her.
She doesn't like to pose for the camera, so these are the best ones
I could get.

Thank you,

Sierra & Christopher Dennison
Friday December 19, 2008


I met Max about three weeks ago.
He is a 5-year-old "Borador," a mix between Border Collie and Lab.
He belonged to a couple since he was a puppy, till about 7 months ago. They had to give him away because they were getting a divorce.

They gave him to an 80-year-old woman who really wasn't able to take care of him. He got out of the yard, wandered out onto a country road and was hit. He wasn't found till 3 days later when he had managed to make it to someone's home and they called the dog pound.

He had tags, so the lady was able to pay for his vet bills.
He lost his left front leg, has major scars on his left hind leg with smaller scars by his eye, and his ear was almost lost.

The lady got him all fixed up, but is traveling and didn't know what to do with Max. So my friend offered to try to find him a new home, and called me.

Well let me tell you, the minute he jumped out of the car, I was in love. He had a smile and a happy tail and is just the sweetest thing.

Something fantastic about my dog?
He is alive.
He walks, runs, plays and carries on like any dog would.
He is very polite, very respectful of our older dog.
And he is just the best companion.
He is a real blessing to me, and I am so thankful for him.

Thank you so much for considering Max and me for your club.

Sue Kizer
Monday December 22, 2008

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