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Today, April 17,2009,
Baron was hit by a car, injuring both front legs.
He is now at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital
where he will undergo surgery on the 18th.
They are almost certain they cannot save one leg,
and are unsure about the other.
Pray for the surgeon and give any advice we may need
in making decisions regarding how much of the leg to remove.
Baron's life is running and jumping.
Every day, he spends hours at the dog park,
catching Frisbees and balls.
Much sorrow and grieving.
Judy Fegley
Friday April 17, 2009

April 19, 2009
Thank you for responding.
Baron's surgery went well.
His right leg and shoulder were amputated.
His left leg fracture is being held in place via an external fixator and pins. He is a favorite among the staff.
He won't be home until probably Friday.
I can't even imagine what recovery will be like,
as he will not be permitted to put weight on the remaining front leg for weeks. He is heavily sedated in the video, but you can hear his whining protest.
In his heart, he wants to be bouncing around with joy, at our arrival.
This is the first time since the injury on Friday that we were permitted to visit. There is not too much info. regarding this type of injury.
Click Here to see Baron on Youtube.
Thanks again,
Sunday April 19, 2009

For all who have not heard the tragic news,
Jarrod and Joy's Manchester Terrier was hit on Route 73
on Friday afternoon.
One front leg was amputated on Saturday.
The other leg is fractured and held in place via an external fixator,
similar to halos placed on humans.
He is doing well, but misses his Mommy and Daddy very much.
Click Here to see his second video, taken yesterday.
They will have a difficult recovery period,
as he is not permitted any weight on the fractured leg.
Tuesday April 21, 2009

Hi Cynthia,
We do have access to a pool (heated, too), but no treadmill.
We live in an area that has just about everything,
so we should be able to locate something for him.
He is really not that crazy about water.
I would think there would be something available to cushion the front paw, or we could make something.
I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be happy with that, though.
We have family at the Jersey Shore and I'm sure he'll love the beach.
Thanks again for all your information.
It's very helpful and appreciated.
Someday, I'll tell the story of how I think Baron got to Route 73
(a 4-lane highway).
Slowly coming out of the fog,
Tuesday April 21, 2009

Hi Cynthia,
We are anticipating getting a cart like the one you use for Cassie,
as we are very concerned about that existing front leg.
Baron is very young (just two) and we want him to have a long life with as little pain as possible, and still enjoy running and jumping on the grass at the park with all his friends.
The doctor called yesterday and wanted us to bring him home,
as he felt he would do better at home.
He has separation anxiety and was crying.
We did bring him home, and last night did not go well.
He was up several times during the night.
We anticipate what he needs, instead of just following his lead.
His personality doesn't go well with being inhibited.
He is no longer being sedated and the pain is being controlled by a pain patch likened to Morphine.
We're just going to need to take this one day at a time.
He goes back tomorrow for change of bandages.
It's a long ride to Philadelphia, with lots of traffic.
I think we would do better just going to our own vet down the road.
I think they have a rehab center there, as well, that we should look into. This is very costly, with the bill at this point over $7,000.
They have, however, done an excellent job with him.
He is well liked by the staff.
Would appreciate any info. on where we can get a cart at the best value.
Thanks again,
Thursday April 23, 2009

One day,
Some day,
He'll be back...
Click Here to see him.
Thursday April 23, 2009

This Is the pain medication prescribed.
Are you aware of the side effects, and a safer drug?
He is showing signs of depression and still crying.
Friday April 24, 2009

Baron is no longer on antibiotics or the pain patch.
He is still on a painkiller, but not nearly as strong as the morphine-like medication.

Joy has been documenting everything she is doing,
and I mean everything, and I think Jarrod is going to set up a website
so that others facing this situation can be aware what is involved
and the dedication required to help your pet successfully heal.

Joy's employer has let her work from home for the past two weeks.
Click Here for the YouTube link.
Friday May 1, 2009

Click Here to see Baron has been discharged from the hospital,
and is now recuperating at home with Mommy & Daddy.


Hello Cassie,

Nice to meet you!
My name is Gaia, I'm 4 years old and I live in Lisbon, Portugal.

I think I was abandoned, then was hit by a car and left with my left leg broken at least for a month, in the pound.

Finally, a friend came and took me to the vet, but there was nothing to do about by leg. After the surgery, I stayed there to recuperate (this was in September 2008). It was decided that when I was all well, I would go to a shelter, but my new owner fell in love with me and didn't let me leave.

Because my mum works at the vet, I go to work with her every day.
I'm a very good watchdog and sometimes I take care of the front desk.
Some other times, I'm with my friends, cats and dogs that live there.
Now my mum got me a wheelchair.

I don't like it very much yet, but I am told that I must make an effort so I can go for big walks without getting too tired.

At home I live with other 3 dogs and 5 cats.
One of the pictures that I sent you is of us in the Easter Holidays.
Unfortunately, my best friend, the Rottweiler, died 3 weeks ago.
She was the best and we miss her very much.

I loved your club and would be proud to be a part of it.
Here we don't have a club and people don't seem to care enough for their pets.

All the best for you, your mum and for all the other members.

Hugs and kisses,
Gaia and Maria Joao Pais
Os melhores AMIGOS de sempre!
Sunday April 26, 2009

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