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I am so excited to have come across this website.
My dog Tiko had his leg amputated at approximately 10 weeks
due to a fall down our hardwood stairs from playing with the kitty.
The break was so bad that they were unable to repair it.
Words cannot describe how much we love Tiko.
He is the happiest and most playful dog around.
He will be 3 years old in October
and has not let his amputation affect him in any way.
I have attached some pics. He is missing his back right leg.
Thank you

Alanna Macioce
Monday May 18, 2009


Hi, there!
BJ, a three legged dog from Down Under,
is a cross Maltese, aged 5 years.

We went on holidays when he was eleven months
and placed him through a dog agency with a family carer
rather than a traditional kennel.

It was disasterous,
as BJ got away shortly after we dropped him off
and was hit by a car.

It was a difficult time for us,
as we had flown to our holiday destination
when we received the news.

We flew home and after a few days, decided to amputate.
He was slow to recover... we all were.

BJ is the sparkle of our lives now,
and such a happy chappy.
We absolutely love him to bits.
As you can see, he loves pillows and going to the groomers.

Kathryn Glendenning
Thursday May 21, 2009

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