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Before I tell you Chauncy's story,
let me just say that owning a three legged dog
is nothing to be afraid of. They adapt very well,
and Chauncy functions as if he has all four.

Not only that, he is literally the fastest dog I've ever seen on three legs. He could easily outrun any dog with four.
It's like he is aerodynamic.
He is missing his back left leg.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.
I love that you started a website like this.
I hope you enjoy Chauncy's story; he is the love of our life.

Patty Knowlton
Friday June 19, 2009

Chauncy's Story:

In October of 2007, my Husband and I had to have our wonderful
Golden Retriever "Bailey" put down, after 14 beautiful years with him. Bailey gave us so much love and joy, and we miss him every day.

I started working at the Capital Area Humane Society
as an Adoption Counselor in September of 2007, and after losing Bailey, I didn't think another dog could touch my heart.
I saw many dogs come and go, and although I loved them all,
it just wasn't the time; that is, until I met Chauncy...

I started to bring Chauncy, a miniature poodle,
up to the front desk with me, because he was small.
I loved his happy-go-lucky disposition,
because despite his hard start in life,
he just seemed happy, even after all he'd been through.
I'd take him out of the kennel and he would get all excited and hyper and as soon as I would get up to the front desk and put him on my lap, he calmed right down, snuggled in my lap and wouldn't move.

Chauncy was a transfer from another shelter in Tennessee.
When they are transferred from another shelter, they come by "Rescue Wagon." It's a big truck full of cages and animals.
Although they make stops along the way,
this is very stressful for the animals.

In addition to that, he had been hit by a car, and only has three legs. His previous owner could not afford to amputate his leg.
Imagine not being in your home anymore, waking up and not having a leg, and then being put in a big truck, not knowing where you are going.

I knew he was a great dog and I tried many times to get him adopted,
but each time I would come in after the weekend, he was still there.
I was so sure he'd be gone.

Many people were leery of adopting a dog with three legs.
It got to the point that I couldn't stop thinking about him
when I'd leave the shelter and come home.
Then I brought him home one weekend to foster him, because he had kennel cough. I was sure my husband would not let me keep him,
because he, too, was still grieving over Bailey,
and we've always been so partial to Golden Retrievers.

Well in just a few short days, Chauncy had not only won his heart,
but also the hearts of my grandkids, as well.
He is great with children, the elderly, and everyone else,
for that matter, and we hope to see if he can become a therapy dog.
What an inspiration he would be, to show others that having three legs does not stop you from functioning in everyday life.

Over time, I realized why Chauncy wasn't getting adopted.
I believe that Chauncy was there waiting for me.
My heart was so sad, and our house was so quiet and empty
after Bailey had passed, that it was meant for me to be with Chauncy.

You see, I may have saved Chauncy, but the truth is, he saved me, too. Although we will never forget Bailey, Chauncy has brought a lot of love and laughter into our home. Chauncy is nothing but pure love.
"I'm so glad he chose to adopt me."


Hi Cynthia,
I recently sent you a story and pictures about my 3 legged dog Chauncy. He is number 233 on your member list.
I wanted to give you an update on this terrific little dog.

We took a trip to the Adirondacks in New York
and went on a mountain hike up to Bald Mountain.
It was roughly 2300 feet and some above sea level.

Not the highest mountain in the world,
but certainly for us novices it was a challenge.

I want everyone to know who has any concerns about having a dog with only 3 legs to think of this story when they have doubts.

Chauncy climbed this mountain with us.

I was overly concerned at first, but he did much better
than my husband and I ever thought he could.
He assessed which way to go, and without hesitation
climbed up all kinds of rocks and steep hills.
He was very agile and had tremendous balance.

There were a few very, very steep areas that he couldn't quite do.
When this happened, he would simply look up at us as if to say
"this one, I can't quite do" and we would carry him through those.

But as you can see from the pictures,
he made it to the summit, and the view was gorgeous.
He was the bravest little dog and he taught my husband and I
that nothing - and I mean nothing - is impossible,
given determination and perseverance.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Thursday July 30, 2009


We found Sadie at a job site of my husband's, a year ago.
She had been severely abused, and was starved.
We instantly fell in love with her.
She has the best personality!

We took Sadie for a ride in the back of our pickup last Sunday,
and she fell out. She shattered her femur bone.

I've gone through so many emotions!
I've blamed myself for this happening, time after time!
I've come to the conclusion that things do happen,
and all I can do is be there for her, like she has been there for me!
Our vet tried to pin it, but it was damaged too bad.

We had the choice of amputation, or having her put down.
Of course, after all she had been through, and the love this dog has given us, we chose to amputate her leg.

Sadie is a fighter, and I know as the weeks pass, she will do just fine!

Rendi Tayloe
Saturday June 20, 2009

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