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My husband and I first met Kiera several weeks ago while
"shelter shopping." We had looked at many other dogs and puppies,
but when we got home, we couldn't stop thinking about this little three-legged Pit Bull mix that we had seen. She was so quiet and sweet.

So a couple weeks later, we filled an application and adopted her.
By random chance, I located her previous owner, and have received a lot of background information about Kiera.

She is a 2.5-year-old Pit Bull/Boston Terrier mix.
At a mere 43 lbs, she is our tiny lap dog, compared to our two Rottie mixes (75 and 115 lbs). She lost her front right leg after being hit by a car when she was a young puppy. The ligaments had been damaged and the leg was paralyzed, so the best option was amputation.

She has now been home for a couple weeks, and is fitting in great.
Our two other dogs are adjusting well to their new friend.
The cat is not so sure, but they remain civil.

She is now fully recovered from an infected incision from when she was spayed at the shelter. She is all muscle and very agile.
She is happy and wiggly and smiley all the time.

Mike & Andrea
Mac, Ruger & Kiera
Wednesday February 3, 2010


I wanted another dog to keep my Yorkie, Gavin, company.
I have always believed in adopting shelter pets.
I was on Petfinder looking for months till I came across Lucky.
I just knew he was meant for me. His smile warms my heart.

He fits right into my makeshift family.
He is super friendly and just wants to be around people all the time.
I do not know how he lost his leg.
They found him abandoned, starving, missing a leg and matted in a field. He is the sweetest dog ever.

His missing leg never stops him.
He is a super fast runner.
Adopting a handicapped pet was the best thing I have ever done.
He is the sweetest!
His tail never stops!
Other than he has food issues - as in he wont stop eating -
he is the best.

More people need to see that adopting animals with disabilities
is no different than getting a "regular" dog.
If anything, they have more personality.

I love your site.
I am always looking for more "tripod" sites.

Colleen Keeley
Tuesday February 16, 2010

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