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I have a lab/beagle mix named Buddy.
I took him to the vet for a lick granuloma.
When it was healed, the vet said the scar tissue needed to be removed.
That was on a Thursday that the surgery was done.
I had an emergency and went out of town, but called to say I would pick him up when I got back. I went to pick him up on Saturday.
They said I could not have him, that they needed to fix it, as he had pulled the stitches. I needed to board him Monday and Tuesday, due to a funeral. I went back Wednesday to discover they had closed at noon.
I went back Thursday and was again told I could not take him home; now he needed a skin graft. This was done on Friday.
I took him home that day and he wimpered all night. I called and went back the next day. The vet said to give him half an aspirin every 12 hours. I gave him 2 doses and he threw up all over my house. Sunday night he shivered all night.
I called the vet again on Monday; they said come back.
When I got there, the vet said give Pepto Bismol for the upset stomach. At this point, that was no longer an issue. He proceeded to tell me I was lucky I was not being charged $35.00 every time I came back. He said he would give the dog a shot. I'm not even sure it was for.

On Friday, the bandage smelled real bad. I took him back to be told he needed to fix the stitches. He bandaged it back up. I went to the emergency vet on Sunday and was told it was one of the worst infections they have ever seen and the leg would have to be amputated.

On Tuesday, the leg was amputated and I was told he may not make it through the surgery. My dog is a miracle and the vet is a menace to animals.

I have had to go back to the emergency vet 2x for bleeding from the wound.
I have cried 3 days straight.

Linda Morgan
Monday August 23, 2010


Hi Cassie, My name is Cody and I was badly hurt by another dog who was my friend and companion. I had 2 surgeries just before Christmas 2009 and I survived, although they weren't able to save my leg. I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a Christmas miracle.

Bill & Lynnette gave me tons of love and today I can do everything on 3 legs that I did on 4. I jump on/off the sofa and I have pet stairs to help me get on and off the bed, because it's too high for a little guy like me. You should see me fly up the stairs.
I shoot through the yard like a bolt of lightning, making it difficult to catch me.

I love to run and jump and play.
I have a little swimming pool that I love to jump in.
Life is great!
I sure do love my family, and I know they love me.
I'm so glad they didn't give up on me, because we have so much fun together.

I'm the happiest dog in the whole world!

Lynnette L. Rutti
Friday August 27, 2010

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