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Hi, My dog's name is Sissy because when I met her brother, I decided I wanted his sister. They grew up together, but we owners split up..

Anyway, at 3 years old ( two days ago) Sissy got hit by a motorcycle (she hates them, and got away from me and ran toward the moving Harley). She JUST came out of surgery. Her left front leg was broken and had a gaping wound at the chest/shoulder area. I just couldn't afford to have them repair it, then risk future problems after which I would be broke. So they amputated tonight. I'm worried, because Sissy is kind of a nervous dog - and spoiled - she's always had it so easy, and doesn't take commands well. I feel guilty and sad. I need to get a job too, so it's going to be difficult to be with her all the time. I hope I did the right thing for her.

Cynthia, Thank you sooo much for the encouragement.
I've been praying like mad, and wept for her after I saw her post-op. She's very agitated, whines constantly while I'm visiting. but she is under wonderful care at our local emergency animal hospital. The doctor called me to update from her private phone after hours.
I'm hoping she can come home today or tomorrow.
Thank you agin for your support!


BTW, I know some Reiki healers in the area and they informed me there's a "distance healing network" on line. I got responses for distance healing from an Australian and a person from South Africa. Click HERE to view the site. Hi, My little girl is just 3 years old, and was hit when she got away from me and chased a motorcycle. I thought I was going to lose her, but happened to have money in the bank (highly unusual) so, I had the emergency doctors repair her wounds - at least until it came to the broken leg. Her fracture was high risk for infection (compound, open) and I just couldn't handle the additional funds. I still cry about it, and I think she had some nightmares about the accident. I'm worried that she won't be motivated to go out and walk like we used to. It's only been about 2 1/2 weeks, and I know it will take time. She also broke 2 ribs, collapsed a lung and endured 2 blood transfusion. She also has a big sac of fluid where her shoulder used to be. Has anyone else seen that? I feel like staying home with her constantly, and worry all the time. I'm hoping to find support through this web site. Thank you.

My 3-legged Dog, named Sissy, chases motorcycles - at least she used to - until she was hit by one! Now, she doesn't even flinch when she hears one. I guess she learned a painful lesson. We rushed her to the local Emergency Animal Hospital, where the admitting Doc explained how much trauma she had sustained (broken ribs, collapsed lung, internal bleeding, and a huge gash in the right shoulder/chest area, plus the leg was broken). I was prepared to euthenize, but when they brought her to me on the table, her eyes were bright and her tail wagged, and I couldn't let her go. Some $10,000+ later, she is doing great!

I have been unemployed for a long time, with no money at all, but happened to receive a settlement from a car accident of my own last year ( I too broke my arm) so was able to pay the bill. God does work in mysterious ways. Sissy is 3 years old, is a golden retreiver mix. But looks exactly like a "Nova Scotia duck tolling retreiver". After much regret, guilt, and mourning, I am happy she is still bringing joy to me and everyone she meets. We went to our favorite walking path and walked a very short distance - Yey!

Love to all,
Gretchen Crumb
Sunday October 10, 2010


This is our little dog Razzle, we adopted him from "Dogs trust" in Shropshire, England. I spotted him the day he arrived in from Ireland. We do not know how he lost his back leg, but guess it was from a car accident, as he is very scared of cars and busy roads. We have gotten him used to quiet roads, otherwise no problems at all. He is a dear little dog, and very loved. He loves to dig and does a hand stand to climb down stairs or a wee.

Carol and the Clarkson family
Tuesday September 28, 2010

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