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We found Mu on the September of 1999 (or did he let us find him?) in a dumping; 5 puppies were found inside a fridge! He had been abandoned along with his brothers, one of which was poisoned, and the other hanged!!!!!!!
Just to let you know the situation at my place,
Mu didn't have - and doesn't have - the right foot.

After petting him for a few weeks, I started bringing him food every day. On a stormy and windy night, I went to look for him, but he wasn't there! After feeling bewildered, and with my heart in my mouth, I went to look for him in the village where I lived.
The day after, I asked if anyone had seen him, and luckily, a person saw him behind his house, and in fact, he was still there.

I petted him... then I decided... I went back home, got the car, and I took him!!!!

He was OURS!!!!! We asked ourselves many questions. We were renting an apartment on the first floor... we were surrounded by people who were not friendly toward animals.
But the critics meant nothing to us; we din't care about the people who saw him and told us to put down the dog.

Near my house there was a girl with Down Syndrome whose mother told us to put him down; I always thought of her, and the love that all living things can give us.
I would never even dream of getting rid of the love of someone I love only because he doesn't correspond to the 'normal' type of look and health.

Mu ate a lot when he was puppy, his meals are still the object of our discussions today; he was happy and played with anything he would find!!! He used to bring us back empty bottles, but the top was when he found butterflies!!!!

He started jumping around making lovely noises and he... killed them, looking at them astonished because they wouldn't move anymore. Then he looked at me or my husband who would tell him "the butterflies must live!!" But he never understood.

He still plays, now he has more space and he lives in the same house that in the meanwhile has been renovated since summer 2000. He adapted himself quickly and he spends a lot of time on the balcony. Now he is big, white, doesn't eat as much, but is always fond of good food... His buddy is Paolino (in the two pictures on the right), whom Mu had seen the birth of. Since then, he has always petted him and allowed him anything. He ran around the house with Paolino hanged on his ear, he made him sit on his big nose... Now he still loves him and so does Paolino: in the morning when Paolino wakes, he goes directly from our bed to MU's dog bed... he kisses him then he goes out!!!

The neighbours like Paolino a lot, and often they leave bones for him.

And he brings the biggest and most cooked ones to Muzione, his real mother!!!!

They live in symbiosis, they never leave each other.
When we bring them out, it's a show: they have real fun!! Since Paolino doesn't like the car, when we bring Mu to the veterinary, our sister-in-law tells us that Paolino waits for him looking around anxiously, and when Mu finally arrives, he explodes in joy!!!!! Another of his buddies is Tex (with whom he "sings" in the picture on the left) and 4 cats.

I was on my way to work when a truck hit this little dog and did not stop. It happened to be in front of one of my stores I supervise. A wonderful lady who works at the store came out and we tried to catch the little dog, but she was very scared, and her leg was bleeding and hurt. We finally got her in a blanket and I took her to the vet.

She didn't have a collar on, and I couldn't let her go to the pound or just stay along the road hurt.

The vet said no broken bones, but her nerves in her leg are badly injured and she probably would never use it.

I left her at the vet to get all shots and clean her leg up, and went to work. I called my fiance and told him what happened, and we would just get her better and find her a good home. I already had a wonderful black lab "Boshae" that was 10 years old and didn't really like other dogs (He was a Mommy's boy).

We went and got the pretty little girl at the vet and she was still groggy from the medicine they gave her. We named her Seven because she was hit in front of a 7-Eleven and lucky 7.

By the time we got home, she was awake and scared to death. She went into a corner of the living room and didn't move from that corner for 4 days. I had to just clean up around her and carefully try and get medicine on her without getting bit.

I made an appointment with my vet and he said she would never use the leg again and the best thing would be is to amputate her leg.

I didn't have the heart to do that right away. He also said that she has no social skills, probably when she younger she wasn't around people. We just continued to love her and gain her trust. She would only go out the back door of the house, and was just scared for months.

The one thing she loved in a couple of days was Boshae. We only had her for 2 months and I found out that Boshae had liver cancer. Last year when we had the bad ice, Seven's leg got raw from dragging it, so we decided to get it amputated.

It was so sad the first time I saw her, she looked so sad. She pulled through like it was nothing. We took it harder than she did.

Boshae was here for her when she came home, but he passed away a month later. That was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through.
He was truly my best friend, for 11 years.
Seven was a miracle to come into my life.
I don't know how I could have made it without her.

Today, Seven is doing great.
She is starting to trust other people, and will even go out the front door. We even got a collar and leash on her, and she's been to Pet Smart. I'm sorry this is so long; I skipped a lot, but I look back on that day I found her and just count my blessings.

Thank you so much for the response. Cassie's site is great and its wonderful you take the time to do the site. I only had your email and I didnt see the site until tonight and it is just great. We dont really know exactly how old she is. The vet told us around 6 mos. to a year when we found her, so now she is around 2 years old. We have no idea what breed she is. Attached are pictures of Seven and Boshae. Thank you again, I can't wait to see them on the web.

Thank you,
Winchester, VA
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