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Hi, Our dogs name is Bandit. He's a one year old Black Lab mix we got from the local pound in November of '99. He is sweet and very loveable. This past Tuesday he was hit by a car and after a very rough night we were told our options were to put him to sleep, send him to the University for skin grafts and a long painful expensive ("thousands of $") or amputate. So we now have a three legged dog. He lost his left hind leg. The sutures look pretty good, but he is very depressed. We are hand feeding him and he just keeps looking at his stump and sighing. Poor baby! I hope he will adapt soon. Any advice or ideas? He did manage to go outside to do his business once. I'll attach a before picture and I plan to get him his own web page soon. Thanks,

Bandit's mom

AKA Siri Johnson

Saturday January 13, 2001

Hi, my name is John and I live in El Paso. Blue is my tripod and she is a great girl. She is a rescued friend that I picked up at the animal control in Albuquerque, NM when she was just a pup. She was very small and weak but I knew she was the one who would take care of me. She is a dog unlike any other. She is extremely intelligent and so aware of all that goes on. Lately she is having some trouble walking and I was hoping you would have some idea of what to do. I had her x-rayed a couple of months ago and everything looked fine but whenever I take her to the park she has a difficult time the next few days. She sits by the window staring out because she loves to be outside and I think it would hurt her more to be inactive than to go out. I am going to have a friend who is a massage therapist teach me how to massage her leg to relieve the pain but if anyone else has experience with this please email me at I will attach a photo of blue and my other girls. Blue is one in the middle and she is the Alpha. I hope to hear from you as she is everything to me. I have lots of pics of blue and I will take some more of her so you can see her better. She lost her leg when I was living in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico when she was attacked by some wild dogs. She is extremely intelligent and everybody loves her. I take her with me to visit the kids here in El Paso that have cancer and she really makes there day. She loves to be outside and play with her two sisters whom I got when I felt she needed some company. They are all rescued dogs and each one is very special. I work with animal rescue here in El Paso and I only wish I had room for more. I like the pics of Cassie, she looks like a very nice dog. I will send some better pics of blue as soon as I can. John

Monday January 17, 2000
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