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Hi! We adopted a our 1-1 1/2 year-old loveable,stray Plott Hound named Sally from a Humane Society in June, 1999. She had a leg problem when we got her, which x-rays showed had been broken when she was a puppy. Her growth plate was smashed, yet she still got around okay. She was healing from new wounds that looked as if she had gotten hit by a car just before they had found her. Needless to say as the summer went on her leg got much worse and our option turned to amputation. She had her leg done Wednesday October 20, 1999. She underwent a blood transfusion and was not fit for going home for nearly 2 weeks. She got around great, although healed quite slowly. Everyone could not believe her high threshold for pain. She never whined or anything through all of this. We know when this healed she would finally be living without pain! Your website helped my husband and I feel much better after we found it on Wed. evening in 1999. I had never seen a 3 legged dog, only heard about them until I visited Sally after her surgery that Wednesday. It was so neat to see all of the happy dogs getting along great on their 3 legs. We don't have a scanner but will send you a picture to add to your website once she has healed a little better.


Harmony and Richard Getsfried


Oh my gosh, I smiled and cried reading the stories.

I have instead of writing a ditty about Milo, sent you his web page link.

Here is Milo's Story

As you'll read he has a couple of very special skills.

What I didn't write in this story is that, at one time I had Milo up for adoption through a local golden rescue program. We already had four dogs, but I knew we had to save this guy and get him a good home.
Well, he had a good home, with us. Every time the phone rang or I opened my email I was afraid there was someone interested in Milo to adopt him -- my heart would just pound. I couldn't part with this wonderful boy...he was and is a big part of my heart and a joy to have. He had issues all right, but nothing we weren't willing to work on.


Jennifer Hetterscheidt

Vice President/Foster Director

Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada

Milo has been a welcomed member of our family since we rescued him in January 2001. Milo's neighbor, who ironically took a female golden of ours, told us the golden that lived next door to her was abused and neglected. She had called Animal Control many times to report his neglect but not enough was being done. Milo was purchased from a pet store, put in the back yard and that was that. Dirt, mud and a tiny area of shade to shelter him against the cruel Vegas sun and heat. He froze in the winter and had no protection against the freezing rain. From her second-story window, this neighbor could see the kids hitting him with sticks and kicking him when Milo would try to join in with their fun, and how he would stare for hours through the sliding glass door, watching the family inside. Poor guy! *sniff.* When Milo started digging to ease his boredom, they tied him up. He was tied up when they went out of town for a few days, and the rope got wrapped around his left rear leg. He was all wound up when they came back. His leg had to be amputated. That was in June of 2000, I believe. How horrible...To further his agony, he was made to stay outside during his recovery. This caring neighbor would put the hose over the wall so he could get a drink of cool water because his (when he had some) was hot from being in the sun. My husband, Steve, and I were sooo angry when we heard all this. We knew we had to get him out of there. Steve met with the man who owned Milo and appealed to what humanity he had and asked him to release Milo to us. After talking for a while, he decided to give him up. Oh, thank God!
I didn't even meet Milo until Steve brought him home. He was a lot smaller than I thought he would be, and he was too skinny. His head hung low, his ears were droopy, his eyes were dark, they seemed to have no life and he didn't wag his tail much. I guess he had had a bath before Steve picked him up (he was filthy and smelled bad he said) we had to cut his collar off, it was tight and encrusted with god knows what. BUT WE HAD HIM!!!
Yes, our sweet Milo is a "three-legger." He's a fit 58 lbs., current on his shots and healthy. His birthday is 05/05/99. He definitely had a Guardian Angel with him, for all he had been through, his Spirit was not broken. He needed refining, of course, but he learned quick and was alert and eager. We worked on his social skills, his manners and as for his house-breaking, he NEVER soiled in the house, what a good boy! He sits, gives paw, gives kisses, lies down. We're working on "stay." He doesn't chew or scratch. He's not an habitual barker, but is home protective. He'll let you know when someone is near or is something is wrong. Milo was very toy possessive, when we first got him; if he had a toy in his grasp, or something he picked out of the trash, we weren't getting it. He would snap and growl.
He was taught and he learned that this behavior was unacceptable. I can now, with confidence and trust, take anything away from him. But this is an issue I would be concerned about in a home with young children. He loves, loves swimming. He'll dive under water to retrieve a sunken toy. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw it. I threw a tennis ball that was on a rope, it floated for a moment then sunk... Milo dove to the bottom, grabbed the rope and brought it back. He would do this all day if we let him (but I don't want him to tire and drown) so a toy or ball that floats will do.
He loves playing ball and will bring it back to you too. He walks well on a leash (tugs a little at first). Milo gets along with cats and other dogs as long as they're low-energy and submissive. He has blossomed in the year we have had him, he smiles now, his tail wags non-stop and his eyes glisten. Milo has had the life of a Prince for the past year...and he loves it! For Christmas he got a charm that says: "SPOILED," (and he is). March 29, 2002... Milo is a valued family member on letting us know when our Capone is having a seizure. Capone had his first seizure on Christmas night 2001 and though he is on medication he occasionally has a seizure. When Pony's having a seizure, Milo gets extremely excited, he comes to wherever I am and franticly dances and whines, he'll even jump up on me. About an hour ago, Milo woke me up in this usual manner and led me downstairs... Pony was having a seizure. I attended to Pony (we have tile flooring and I have to make sure he doesn't hit his head while thrashing) and then washed him up.
Milo is following him around like a shadow...and I know Pony will be okay for another night, with a best friend like that, how could he not. It's possible Milo knows beforehand that Pony will go into seizure, we just haven't witnessed a pattern yet of a particular behavior. Wouldn't that be something...oh my! Anyway, until we get Pony's seizures under control, Milo is staying right here with us...and with his best friend Capone. His forever family will be the luckiest people in the world.
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