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Hello, My name is Nora Jones! I am a 7-month-old Aussie/German Shepard mix. I was hit by a car after jumping/climbing out of the back yard when I was about 5 months old. The vet said it could have possibly been corrected but chances were that it wouldn't work out. My parents decided that the only way to keep me was to take the leg. I really don't even remember that I used to have a leg. It gets sore from time to time but I just keep trucking along. My three-year-old human brother wouldn't like it if I wasn't able to play.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am the best little 7-month-old puppy anyone could have. I listen and am great with my human siblings and I wish my cat brother would like me and play with me except that all he does is hiss and whine at me. The only thing I can't do these days is escape from the back yard as my jumping skills have diminished quite a bit. Thanks for letting me join your club! Three legged dogs of the World, UNITE! Regards,

Dave Fogarty


I just wanted to thank you for all the information we got from the site. I sent a picture and article of our new addition, and will update periodically. We especially appreciate the "What to Expect" portion about amputation. Thank you for your generosity!

Hi. We just found your website and had to join Cassie's Club! We have adopted a soon to be three legged Boxer who was born with a deformed front leg and paw. We have sent a picture of him before we take him for surgery in two weeks. The vet thinks she can amputate and leave the shoulder. He is 8 weeks old, is very sweet, mellow, and has found a special place in our family and in our hearts. We have named him Bruiser, but we also call him Bruce. His sister was born normal, but the other two siblings had cleft palates and had to be put down. We could have found another dog with four legs for less than what the surgery will cost, but we felt he was very special, and decided anyone can have a "normal" dog--so we have adopted him.

He is the talk of the vet's office. All the staff thinks he's very unique, and there were several offers to take him if we decided we wouldn't want to commit to raising him. Today when I took him in for the consult there were three specialists who happened to be there, a total of six vets, and none of them had ever seen a congenital defect like his. One of the specialists is going to take x-rays of it for teaching/study purposes. We will send a post-op photo when he recovers, and hopefully another when he is full-grown. Thank you for sharing our good fortune to be in a very special club!

The Pugh Family,
Fresno CA

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