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Dear Cassie, I am a three-legged dog named Baylee. I am a 109 pound, 1 year old AKC registered Saint Bernard. I am new to the three-legged dog community. I have a great family that loves me very much. On November 14, 2004 I was nosing where I was not supposed to be and I got ran over by my dad's race car trailer. My dad and mom were so broken hearted. They took me to a nice Vet and he said that I needed to see a Specialist in another city. So my mom packed me up and took me. The Specialist did not give my mom much hope and she brought me back home and cried all the way. She made some calls and found Dr. Chris Hyland in Owensboro, Kentucky who did my surgery and fixed me right up. He took my shattered leg off and made me feel much better. I was up and going right away! He and his staff are wonderful. In fact, my mom and I took them cookies to thank them for treating me like a princess! I was up and going right away! Two days after my surgery I was out in the yard and feeding the horses with my mom (someone has to keep those horses in line). The good thing about being three-legged is that my mom and dad let me come in the house and visit a lot! They don't even care when I slime everything! I am very lucky to have found a great Vet to help me and to help my parents too! I was used to jumping fast but I've figured out I've got to take steps a little slower, now. I'm doing wonderful though. We are all so happy! Thanks again for such a great site!!!!

Miss Baylee Carman
Lewisport, KY
Friday November 19, 2004
Here's a note from my mom:

Before Baylee's surgery I found your site and printed some stories off for my husband to see. I tell you it made a big difference in the way we were looking at the surgery! Baylee is special and since it was my husband who ran over her, his heart was so torn in making the right decision for her. Your website is wonderful! I told the girls at our Vet's office about your site today when we took the "Thank you" cookies over. They were excited and could not wait to check it out! One good thing is that we live in the country and Baylee will spend most of her time on the grass. She is quiet and lazy so in reality the majority of her time is spent on her back snoozing!! She is an angel though!!! I agree with you in that losing the back leg is a whole lot easier on them. My biggest concern is the hip dysplaysia on her one good back leg. The Vet said we can deal with that when the time comes, but he thinks that she is going to have lots of great years!


Friday December 3, 2004:

I am writing to you as my beloved Clancy is having her front leg amputated due to cancer. She has already had hip replacement surgery and we are concerned about her outcome. Thank you for having a place where people can talk about their success stories. When Clancy becomes one, I will write again and send a picture. Thanks,
Allyn Buchanan,
Denver, Colorado
Saturday December 4, 2004:

She went into surgery yesterday, they called around 2pm to say things went well. I spoke with the surgeon and there was a possibility that she could come home today. This morning they said she wasn't standing up yet. I feared it was due to her hips, but they say it is from the anesthesia. I hope she will be cancer free and live a wonderful life. I would love to have her home tomorrow so we can start working together to learn how to deal with our new challenge. Thanks for writing back,

Tuesday December 7, 2004:

Here is a picture of Clancy. She is doing well, has figured out how to climb on the couch and even managed to jump on the bed by herself. I have to shut the door to the bedroom when I leave the house because I worry she could get hurt jumping off. She has even attempted the stairs to the backyard. I am so proud of her and hope she continues to improve.

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