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I have a foster dog, Gus, who's now approximately six years old. He had his right front leg amputated Wednesday. I would like to join the list, as I have no experience with a tripod dog. I live in Kenai Alaska and help with sheltie rescue. I have 4 dogs of my own. I got a call about Gus a couple weeks ago. When I saw him I couldn't believe the poor thing had been living in such a state of neglect. His right front leg was badly damaged years ago and never taken care of. He hobbled around pathetically, and had been doing so for years! He was so matted and filthy and depressed. Now, he's like a different dog. He has a delightful personality, and loves to be around people.

Gwen Bennett
Saturday April 23, 2005

Marley, Thumper & Skeets


This is Marley, she is a 16-month-old mixed breed. We adopted her from Rawhide Rescue in NJ at 4 months old. She had 3 legs when adopted; she had a growth deformity and needed it amputated. She is our third three-legged dog; we love them. She can do anything, lots of energy and frequently exercises some of the overweight dogs in the neighborhood. She is so fast that her greyhound friends have trouble keeping up with her. She also keeps her geriatric brother and five cats very busy.

Ali & Geoff
Tuesday May 3, 2005


Yes, she is our third 3-legged baby. I am a vet tech, the first was a shepX "Thumper". She was the love of our lives, she had a fracture at 4 months and the shelter attempted bandaging it because the surgery was too expensive. We loved and raised her for 5 great years; she was wonderful, and a great swimmer. On April 25th 2 years ago we were on a walk and she literally dropped dead, she had no previous health problems, it was a short walk and rather cool, I attempted CPR with no results. The whole family (people and animals) were not OK. We needed a distraction, so started looking on petfinders for another special needs dog. This led us to Skeets, in a shelter in CT about 3 hours from us. Skeets had lived with an older mentally disabled man in a garage for 5 years, and then her owner died and the family turned her over to the shelter for euthanasia. The shelter did not euthanize and she had some significant behavioral problems and lost he leg and tail in the shelter attempting to escape from her run. She was a handful and was aggressive toward me only. We loved her and worked with a behaviorist on her issues. She was 6years old and one day while watching Sunday football with her daddy, she died, again suddenly with no help from CPR. This was about 8 months after thumper died in a similar way. Now I was concerned for our other dog and needed to know what was going on. I had a friend/vet do a full necropsy and a cardiologist go through her heart, they found nothing. After a year of healing Marley appeared on petfinders. She has Thumper's happy, energetic spirit and has completed our family once again. I have attached a picture of Thumper (with the stuffed animal) and Skeets is in the blue shirt, you can see the resemblance.
Thanks for your site, Marley loves it

Alison Gottlieb BS, RVT, VTS (ECC)
PS- Cosequin is great for these guys, Marley loves it
Thursday May 5, 2005

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