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Unfortunately we do not have any information regarding this cute, sweet little baby. Kurt's brother Eric found her wandering on the streets of Lagos, Portugal, caught up with her and snapped this picture for us. If anyone out there recognizes this darling Dalmatian, please email us with her name and story :-)

Huckleberry ("Huck")

Oh Boy ... this is very hard.. Hi My name is Renee and I have a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback boy named Huckleberry, he came here from Texas when he was 8 weeks old and is now 9 months old and lives with us on our ranch in Visalia, Ca. He got hit by a car on August 2, 2005. He is home now but his leg is badly broken and his nerve in his leg may or may not be damaged. I am so tired and feel like I have also been run over by a truck :) I am 99% sure he will lose his leg... I am devastated... I am so grateful for this site and the stories of the people about their sweet dogs. I am comforted to know Huck will have others like him. It's both a terror and kind of cool he may have only three legs. I am still in shock about this and have a hard road ahead with Huck. He is young and strong and I feel will be able to adapt. I will send pictures of him after he has the surgery but here he is a few days ago, playing as usual, with his big dogs toys :) Thanks for the site and a place to fall.

Renee & Huck
Friday August 5, 2005


Cynthia~ Thanks for the sympathy, I am sure you are the only one I've talked to about this who can truly relate just now. No, the driver didn't stop and our neighbor saw him get hit and he saw the truck that hit him speed away. It was all my fault for not getting him in his yard in time and leaving him out just a little longer than usual. We live out in the country on a 30 acre walnut ranch. I am only comforted by the fact that I could save his life, as expensive as it was and is going to be OK, it is the very least I can do to help him keep his life. We have gone through puppy class at PetSmart and he is a great student, he is still such a puppy, he hasn't even learned to lift his leg to pee :) So sweet...

He was hit just after stepping onto the road, in his right front shoulder, the vet said he may or may not have permanently damaged his nerve that wraps around his upper arm, but he did shear off his arm at the growth plate in his shoulder but the leg is intact but hangs dead and he has a compound fracture in his forearm as well. It could be repaired but the nerve may not heal and then after the costly ($3000 or more) surgery it still may not heal and he would in time chew off the leg ... yuck ... it sickens me to think about going forward with this but I am taking it one step at a time, I was considering checking around to other vets for second opinions but I don't know.... the emergency vet said the same thing as my regular vet so.... And he has no other injuries and is now at home with us and doing well, it was hard to get him to pee and he had to learn how on three legs but he was so cute, he figured out that by getting to the fence if he leaned his head against it he could have more balance to pee and then he was ready to go back and lay down to rest. He is adjusting.... and I guess I am too. We go back to vet this morning for another pain patch, which are absolutely the greatest things, because he has had no pain! I am so grateful for that. I will keep you updated and thank you for the email...It helps to process my thoughts and keep a perspective. A million thanks and I would love to hear about your girl Cassie some more...

Take care and God Bless, Renee & Huck
Saturday August 6, 2005


Hi~ Huck had his amputation today at 12:00 and had a little trouble but is doing great now.... The vet tech told me that everything went great until they were all closed up and they saw a pulsing and knew it was bleeding inside so they opened him back up and fixed it and he is doing great. He may even come home tomorrow! I will let you know,


Thursday August 11, 2005


Cynthia~ You are a very kind person...If you had told me about any of those things before I would probably not have been able to sleep, you have helped me to feel better about this absolute horror! I know that they don't have an emotional attachment to their limbs like we do but that's just it WE DO! I have had to get my mind around the fact that dogs don't see the world like we do and I am soooo glad for that! I am saddened by the thought of people looking at him and thinking he should have been put out of his misery, which is what a few people (Older) said should have been done. This infuriates me... If my son had a leg amputated they wouldn't think of ending his life, and my animals are my responsibility and my children with more legs :)

Cynthia, I am so grateful to you I hope you realize (I am crying now) just what an extreme blessing God has called you to be for us who have to face this horror with our beloved pets in a world that can be so dismissive to human suffering let alone the cruelty inflicted on the pet population in our world. I am asking God to continue to give you strength and compassion and empathy for people in the situation of feeling so desperately saddened and scared for their pets. You do such a great service in enlightening and coming alongside those who have endured such tragedy, please don't ever stop. I sent some money to the owners of Faith...that story touched me most of all and I have learned and commiserated with all of them on your and Cassie's site. Cassie is such a sweet looking dog and I am sure you have been loved by her beyond measure. I am very excited to get Huck home and help him heal and get back to his carefree happy guy self. I would love for Huck to be on your site. Thanks a million and I will get pix to you as soon as he gets home.

Friday August 12, 2005


Cynthia~ The vet told me about every detail and that's good and eww... He said he likes to leave as much muscle as possible in case atrophy develops and its going to shrink a lot sooo...yes he has a big lub of a shoulder and he was ready to go at the vet's and they went to get him out of his pen and he had licked open his stitches soooo that's why the collar. I take it off when I feed him and take him out to potty and socialize. In these pictures he just came in from his morning outside and he was tuckered out, but its so cool how he has adjusted to this point, he couldn't stand for very long without giving out and laying down, today is the first day he went out and did his thing and then came in and crashed. I am so glad he is a happy guy when he is outside, I can tell he is very happy to be back home and go to his usual spots in the yard to potty and check things out. He did the cutest thing today he actually was standing up outside and scratched his collar with his hind foot and didn't get off balance, I am impressed and I told him so :) I am curious to see if he will ever pee and lift his leg... as for now he has a very low squat :) Oh itching... yay... I didn't think about that, he will really itch when its healing I bet... That collar isn't going away for awhile... Anyway Thanks so, so much for checking on him, you are very kind :) I look forward to seeing his picture and story on the site, when can I see it? And tell my friends and family to look? Talk soon, Ren

Here is Huck and his buddies, Rescue dog and Pickle (the pillow) taking a nap. :)

Sunday August 14, 2005


Cynthia~ Thanks loads for the site space... I am thrilled that Huck has his own section and is in great company :) I forgot to tell you about the cost...I was quoted $400-$500 from this last vet to amputate, eveyone else was $800 and up, anyway I came prepared for it and he only charged me $300 for the whole bill! 3 days' hospital care included... I am so blessed! Huck is doing well and just a little draining...dripping actually from the wound.. I keep it clean with anti bacterial wipes and will call the vet tomorrow and see about putting neosporin on it... or something, he would like to start scratching but I keep him still... I am glad that means it's healing :) Thanks for the kindness and Huck's story told, Ren and Huck :)

Sunday August 14, 2005

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