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Hi there, I found your three-legged dog club. A neat idea! I have a three-legged dog named Silver. She is a Australian Blueheeler and is approx. 14 years old. She lost one of her front legs in 1986. We had left for a short vacation when she fell victim to a hunter's trap (she was missing for a period of time). We took her to a vet for a clean amputation. Attached please find a JPEG picture of Silver.
-- Kevin Krueger KKRUEGER@PLAINS.NODAK.EDU Majoring in Computer Science Minoring in Business Administration


Dear Cassie -
Hi. I am a three legged dog named Oscoda. My owner is sure I am the best dog in the world. (Of course, I'm sure she's right.) I lost my leg when a jerk in a car hit me. I had to have six operations and I lost part of my hips too, but I am well loved, and I have learned to take full advantage of the sympathy people have for special dogs like us. I just make sure they can see where my leg is missing and then I turn my spaniel eyes on them and they are done. I am a springer cocker mix about 5 or 6 years old. I have been without my right front leg for about two and a half years now, and I get along fine. The only thing is that sometimes I see a rabbit or squirrel and I forget to act like I am disabled and I take off after that furry critter like a bolt of lightening. Then I come back, and pretend to be crippled and ask for a cookie - I usually get one too.

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