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My name is Cisco and i lost my leg at 4 months old I got an infection in my paw and the doc had to take it off.
I'm 4 years old now and don't even miss it. Attached is my picture.

Hi Cynthia - My name is Mark. Cisco is American Pit Bull Terrier Purple ribbon breed. We got him from the vets when he was four days old. He got stepped on by his mother and one of his toes got cut. The breeder didn't take care of cut very well and it got infected. The vet told him that it probably wouldn't heal correctly. The breeder decided to put him down.

That's when we offered to take him. It took a lot of bottle feeding and patience. But he turned out great. He weighs 70 lbs without the leg. I have some more pictures, if you would like to see them.

Thanks for your response,
Mark Bell
Beverly MA
PS: hope to see on your page soon!


We too adopted Lup from the Humane Society. Someone left her there in the middle of the night in a box with 7 puppies. The humane society was proactive and took her and her pups to the pet stores where over time they all got adopted.

She's a love and we love her dearly. We have 3 other dogs and when she walked in she was top dog. She is truly an inspiration. Loved your site and especially Cassie!!!

Olympia, WA

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