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This is a picture of my 3 legged dog, his name is MIKO . He is a boxer husky cross.I adopted him from the S P C A two years ago and he is the best dog I have ever known.

He was at West Edmonton Mall for two months at Petcetera, but no one would adopt him. I personally feel that people who need things to be asthetically perfect, just don't "get it."

I was told from his history bio that his mother chewed his leg off while she was cleaning him. He has been the perfect pet since I brought him home. You really have to count before you realize he is missing his back right leg.

He runs, wrestles, chases a ball. I just LOVE my dog, and it is AWESOME you have a web site dedicated to three legged friends. SIGN ME UP!!!!

Ian Kehler
Edmonton Alberta Canada


Hi. I have a three legged golden retriever. I adopted her two years ago from the Boulder Colorado Humane Society. I don't have a lot of info on what happened to her, but the shelter folks said that the people who brought her in said that she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, the people lied about their phone number and the name of the vet who handled the surgery and so I was unable to get more information.

Her name is Katie and she is about 5 years old now. Most of the time she does quite well, although she gets tired easily on walks. Her biggest problem is what I call her "pain syndrome". The vet and I have never been able to correctly diagnose it, but what happens is that she will suddenly begin to cry and will be in some considerable pain sometimes for days. I thought that it was "phantom pain" because she seems to try to bite at her missing leg but she also has either constipation or diarrhea and licks her belly and pulls out her hair.

I'd love to know if anyone else has had this with their amputees and what can be done. Hey, thanks for the web-site, can I be a member and be able to discuss this with other owners?


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