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Hi. My name is Peggy, Peg for short. I was born with only a little stub for my left front leg. I had a rocky start. My owners did not really want me beause their dogs hunted rabbits and I could not. I was adopted by Kara Stover, my favorite person in the whole world. I am about 9 weeks old now. I may not run like other dogs, but I can make quick time with a kind of hop run - more like a rabbit. I am spoiled, and get in lots of trouble because I chew everything. If you have any tips for me, that would be great. I hope the pictures come out okay, I am even cuter in person.


Hi, I found your "club" when I was searching online for a dog leg prosthesis. I wanted to prove to myself that I'm correct when I explain to people, when they ask so often why I haven't gotten a prosthesis for Poppy, that I don't think one has been designed for a missing front leg.

Poppy gets around great, except that he doesn't like to walk very far anymore. He swims, runs, climbs stairs and such, but he gets tired after walking a few blocks. He lost his front left leg two years ago due to bone cancer.

The attached pictures were taken a few months after the surgery. I put a t-shirt on him until the fur grew back. His photo was in a local newspaper in their annual "Best of the Beaches" edition - he was the "best pet" due to his "miraculous recovery from surgery".

-Stuart Reed
Miami Beach, FL

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