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This is our beloved 11-year-old Terrier, Tilly.

On Christmas Eve 2005 I noticed her front leg was swollen and I suspected an abscess. I took her to the vets Boxing day and the Vet suspected the same and prescribed Antibiotics & Anti-Inflammatories. After a week, still no change.

On a return visit to the vets, he suggested an X-ray and biopsy fearing a tumor. When the results came back, it wasn't good news. It was a Fibrosarcoma which hadn't spread to the bone, but wouldn't respond to radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Surgery wasn't an option to remove the tumor, the only solution was Amputation. It was a very difficult decision to make, but we took the risk. Tilly came home the same day after surgery and made a fast recovery, however a week later, she had breathing problems and returned to the vets to discover Pnemothorax (air around the lung cavity) causing the lungs to collapse. After having the air expelled, her breathing improved. The X-ray also revealed secondary tumors to the lungs.

Our world was falling apart; air had to be removed a week later, as the same happened again. Sometimes the pnemothorax can right itself; we took her home and hoped for the best.

Two weeks later, Tilly is in top form. She does get tired easily, but does enjoy short walks, or better, still a ride around in the car. We are savouring every precious moment we have left with her, she is our baby.

Hugh Collins
Sunday March 12, 2006


One of our members sent me information on your organization because our mascot for our annual Bark in the Park walk and festival is Triumph, a three legged dog. Here's his story, which was published in our monthly e-tails:

Arf de Triumph!

All hail the Bark in the Park Mascot!

He may have lost a leg, but he's won our hearts. Meet Triumph the Bark in the Park 2006 Mascot.

Two years ago, Triumph was a homeless dog who was hit by a car and left in the middle of the street. A police officer came to his rescue and took him to the Humane Society of Missouri. Because of the car accident, he needed his right front leg amputated. The surgery was performed at the Humane Society's Veterinary Medical Center.

Vera Ann Ray, who happened to be the police officer's mother, fell for this lovable German Shepherd mix and adopted him. She named him Triumph. She thought he needed a special name to match what he had survived.

As the Bark in the Park 2006 Mascot, Triumph will lead the Doggywood Red Carpet Walk on May 13. He will also grace the cover of Tails magazine, Bark in the Park brochures and t-shirts. And, he will receive a year's supply of Purina dog food.

Now that he's famous, the triumphant Mascot needs an entourage. And who better to join Triumph as he struts his stuff than his fellow mascot contestants, And who better to join Triumph as he struts his stuff than his fellow mascot contestants, Pedro

and Tina  ...and you and your canine companions!

I thought you might be interested to hear about a triumphant three-legged dog. Enjoy! And feel free to post the story and photo on your website.

Sarah E. Bruno
Marketing Communications Coordinator, Humane Society of Missouri
Wednesday March 15, 2006
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