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Hi my name is Angie and about two years ago I was lucky enough to be working at an Emergency Vet Hospital in San Diego. I wanted to be a vet tech, so I had to put some hands-on hours in, during my schooling. It's hard working at an emergency hospital because a lot of animals are critical or their owners can't afford treatment and have to put their animals to sleep. Well one day, Trinity (formally Twinkie) was brought in.

Her owner's neighbor was taking her and their kids to the lake. She was cross-tied to the back of the truck, and her collar had a plastic clip. It snapped, and she flew out.

Her bone was sticking about an inch out of her thigh.

Before we could treat her, we had to wait for her owner. In the meantime, we were given permission to take X-rays.

Moving her was very painful to her, but she never snapped or growled at us. In fact, she would lick our hands like she knew we were just trying to help. I've had the sweetest dogs snap at me, because they were in so much pain!

Five hours later, her owners came in.

They couldn't afford the surgery, and were going to put her to sleep. She was six months old, and the sweetest dog I've ever met.

I called my Fiance to see if we could use our wedding money.

He said yes, so one of the other techs asked her owners if I could adopt her. They agreed. The Vet on duty waited until his shift was over then donated his time to amputate her back right leg. Amputation was the best decision because her wound had been open for over five hours.

There was a High risk of infection.

I was able to watch her surgery, and I have pictures. The next day I came to visit, and she walked!

They said she wouldn't try all day, but when she saw me, she got up. Later I was told that Trinity had been saved from the fires when she was six weeks. At six months we saved her. I hope we get thru six years without a hitch!

Angie Duran
Tuesday March 28, 2006


Dear Cassie's Club,

Hi, I'm Larry Crouch from Olathe, Kansas. I wanted to share with you my dog Hobb's. Hobb's was born without the lower portion of his right front leg. It was like it stopped growing. He will be 2 years old on April 4th, 2006.

Hobb's was given to me due to his handicap as most breeders probably would have put him down at birth. Hobb's has been an inspiration to my family and the people who know him. Hobb's and I started tournament hunting last year (2005) in the NBDCA (National Bird Dog Challenge Association) and along with THCC (Tournament Hunter Champions Club).

Hobb's proved to be a natural and never let his handicap slow him down. All of our friends and competitors are completely impressed with his drive. Hobb's has the biggest heart of any dog that I have ever owned or been around.

He is so popular in the circuit that I have had people that I have never met come up and ask "Where is Hobb's?" Everyone wants to see Hobbs and many want his picture.

In March of this year Hobbs qualified for the NBDCA / THCC Nationals in Davis City, Iowa. He qualified in the Hunter division as well as Top Gun division. He was spoken about by the Tri-Tronics rep at our banquet and received chants of "Hobbs, Hobbs, Hobbs" by all of the room.

Hobbs was recognized for being the 2nd place High Point dog in the Hunter Division for all of 2005 nationwide. Again the chanting began and I of course could not hold back the tears of joy for him and the respect of the whole circuit of competitors who chanted for him.

I would like to show you his accomplishments for 2005 and 2006 as we've just begun this season. I will also include pictures for your viewing. Hobb's is a special pet (person) to me and my family and I want to give him every chance I can to be recognized and for others to see that a dog that is handicapped is a dog worth keeping. They have to work harder than most, but their hearts and loyalty are incredible to the ones they love.

Thank you for taking the time to read and see Hobb's.

Larry Crouch and Family
Thursday March 30, 2006

Accomplishments to date:
2005 NBDCA / THCC Standings
2nd place High Points dog in Hunter Division
Qualified NBDCA Nationals in Top Gun Division
Qualified NBDCA Nationals in Hunter Division
Top 10 placement NBDCA Nationals Hunter Division
Top 10 placement NBDCA National Puppy Division
2005 NBDCA Championship Hunter Division
17 NBDCA National Qualifier placements

Thank You so much for putting Hobbs on your site. I will have to show him :-) The breeder is a friend of mine. Hobbs and I connected right away. I would go see him after work until he was old enough to be placed in a home. One day I was over visiting Hobbs and my friend said, "Here, He is yours"....... I was so happy. Hobbs has been an inspiration ever since.

My friend Mike Wallace has Hobbs on his site with a really good Bio of him. Click Here to read it. The Wallace's did give me papers for Hobbs.

When Hobbs was little the vet told me to just let him have fun and use his nub. He wanted Hobbs to build up a callous. Hobbs has complete blood circulation throughout his right front leg which of course was a good thing. I use baby socks and a rubber boot for his nub when we are in the field. Other than that we leave it alone.

The vet also recommended that Hobbs be neutered.

His theory which I agreed with was, If Hobbs catches sent of a female in heat and tries to jump a fence or for some reason hurt another leg then we would have serious problems.

Hobbs gets a full body massage every night and in the warm months he will get a sugar free popsicle. Those are his favorites next to dog biscuit treats. We will be competing in a 2 day hunting tournament this weekend in Ridgway, MO and then we are off until probably September.

UPDATE Thursday June 1, 2006 !!

Hobb's has been published!

Good Morning,
Field and Stream has posted Hobb's story. I wanted to share with you all.
You all have shown great interest and love to Hobb's.

Thank You.

There was a short story on page 18 of the June issue
that directs you to the full story posted on line.
The above link will take you right there.

Thank You again for all of your support and love towards Hobb's.

Oh my... Hobbs is now in Covey Rise magazine!

David with the National Bird Dog Foundation just told me that he had seen Hobbs story.

How cool is this, for Hobbers...

I hope you all are not getting tired of these e-mails. If so, just tell me.

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