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Hello! My name is Alpine and I'm a 13 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab. I had my left front leg amputated 2 weeks ago (Wednesday March 29th) and I'm doing quite well.

I'm pretty old for this kind of adventure, but the vet said "give me your leg or your life," so I said "go ahead and take it."

It may be the last big adventure in my quite adventurous life. I lived in Hawaii for 8 1/2 years and I was a surf dog. I not only body surfed, but I climbed on the front of my owners' surfboard (it was a long board), and hung paws.

I also got to meet every elementary school kid on the island of Maui, because my owner used to do a jump rope program in the schools so she taught me how to jump rope and we did assemblies to encourage all the kids to jump with us.

I loved it when 100's of kids would chase me around the playground.

I just wanted to let all those senior canines out there know that age is not a disease, but the cancer on my leg was.

I may be 85 in people years, but I'm a teenager at heart and I'm glad Cassie's Three Legged Dog Club was there to support my owner through this process.

She says she may not have had the courage to do it, otherwise. Cheers to my fellow tripods and Cassie's owner Cynthia! Many, many thanks!

Licks and wags,
Alpine (and my owner Tara Lemley of Seattle)
Wednesday April 12, 2006


Hi Cynthia! I was just thinking about you and checking out the website, and I realized Alpine needed a new picture! Here she is before a big party by the food table (of course!). She is doing sooooooo well. If I hadn't have had that leg taken off, she'd probably be dead by now (they gave her 2 months and it's been 2.5 months since the surgery!). I credit you with giving me the courage.


And if you can replace the other amputation pics with this, that would be great. I also attached a "sitting" one - the quality's not that great, but she looks alert and happy.

Hope you're having a grand summer and that Cassie is doing well! :-)

Thank you so much for forwarding that wonderful piece!
It was fun to see you and Cassie in action.
I'm surprised at how many more dogs have been added to the site
since Alpine was added last April.
She is now 14 years and 4 months and it's been 10 months since her surgery.
She is the happiest girl.
I think she's going to make it to 15.

Loved the video and thanks for sharing!
Happy New Year,

Tara Lemley
Tuesday January 9, 2007


My dog Bo recently had his front left leg amputated.

He had a nasty tumor in his shoulder and the only way to remove it and relieve his pain was to amputate his leg.

That was six weeks ago. He is 12. I got him from the SPCA in Austin, TX when he was 14 months old.

He has appeared on CD covers (I am a musician) and has actually barked on a recording of "Bo, Don't Bite the Mailman."

When he was young, he could climb ladders. He hasn't changed much.

Barbara Lamb
Sunday April 16, 2006

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