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I LOVE your site.
Cassie's club is filled with so many heartwarming stories.
Thank you!

I'm including a picture of my Tripod, "Tripod." We think he's a Shepard/Retriever mix.
Two weeks ago (June 2006), two other women and I found him pulling himself out of a steep ditch on the side of a busy road -- an impressive task, considering he only has one back foot.
He was clearly having trouble standing -- much less walking. He was also emaciated (20# underweight) and ridden with fleas and ticks. The leg was raw where the foot is missing and we assumed it just been severed, possibly after being hit by a car.

I took him to the emergency vet that night who said the foot injury was not new, but had not been properly addressed when it had occurred.
She thought his trouble standing might be the result of tick paralysis. She kept him that night for X-rays, to check for heart worm and to give him a flea bath.

When I returned early the next morning, Tripod was a new dog. He was walking around the vet's office, totally alert. His trouble standing the previous evening had simply been from exhaustion and being malnourished.

He didn't have a chip and the vet did not think he'd been well taken care of, so I took him home to stay. He's gaining weight and doing very well. He and our Maine Coon cat, Grey Kitty, even get along. Our biggest challenges are house training (we're almost there) and separation anxiety (the bigger challenge - we're hoping "Rescue Remedy" will help). Oh, and yesterday he got neutered.
So he'll finally be welcome at dog parks.

Our vet has determined the footless leg is constantly inflamed and is consulting with nearby specialists regarding amputation at a higher level to ease the pain. Currently, we're treating all the pain with medication but based on the stories about other Cassie Club members, I'm convinced amputation is the way to go.
Not only is his footless leg inflamed, but it gets in his way.

Thanks for letting Tripod join Cassie's Club. He's clearly in good company.

Jane Verkouteren
North FL
Tuesday June 20, 2006


I was re-visiting your site and realized my Tripod (named "Tripod") joined Cassie's Club prior to his amputation.

His back right leg was amputated in July and, following a very difficult first week, he has done GREAT.

Previously he had most of his leg but was missing his back right foot; the injured leg got in his way. Now, he has tons of energy and I'm not sure he realizes he's any different than other dogs.

He attends a cageless doggie daycare two days a week where he plays hard with other dogs - his buddies.

On the days he doesn't go to daycare, we take 1 to 2 mile walks in the morning and evening. It's good for both of us and he loves the adventure of it.

I really do love your site.
Thanks for keeping it going.
It played a huge role in my decision to go forward with the amputation, which in hind sight was CLEARLY the best decision.

Jane V
North FL
Wednesday December 20, 2006


My name is Donna and I live in Orlando Florida.
I have a contact regarding a 3 legged Australian Cattle Dog
and I need to get him out of the shelter.

Your site has inspired me, as I know of people who are afraid of "special needs," as they call them, dogs. I know of 3 dogs with 3 legs that I have met in my past years and they are incredible dogs; you would not even know that they didn't have all 4 paws. I don't have any photos of the other dogs, as B&W photos were lost in moving.

However, I do have the photos of a beautiful dog that I have listed on my website. I knew that 3 legged dogs were wonderful and want all of them adopted.

Thank you for having this site; it is an inspiration to all of us who love 3 legged doggies. Just like Cassie, Max needs a home also.

Click Here for my website, to see more information on this beautiful dog.

He also truly deserves to have a forever home.
We don't know exactly what happened to him, however his former caregiver went to jail and Max is also now in jail in the shelter.


I am sending a copy of this Cassie Club Listing to Deborah Fuller at the Polk County Animal Shelter. Thanks again for being on the web, we need stories like Cassie's.

Thursday July 6, 2006



Thank you so much for putting Max on Page 114, but we need an update on the information. Max was rescued by a local Orlando Florida Rescue and the information is on the website. Thank you so much and the Rescue wants to keep him on the page until he gets adopted, and then the adopter I'm sure will want to stay on.

I will update every time there is a change on this Marvelous Max.

Thanks again.

Polk County was wonderful in Winter Haven Florida, keeping Max well over his time; they knew that he deserved a better life than he had had, since he was such a wonderful and loving and sweet dog.

Donna Whicker

Thursday July 13, 2006


Hi Cynthia:

Max was adopted yesterday, July 22, 2006.
He now has his own ACD friend, Andi who is a female 11 years old
and she even though a little overweight has a lot of energy.
Max is going to have a wonderful life with his new owners Garry and Mary. He is a little sore after his heartworm treatment, however the vet said that he will make a full recovery. I met him yesterday for the first time and he is soooo sweet. He hopped right up into the car to go on his next adventure, which is much better than the kennel where he was living for over a month. His Foster Mom was sad to see him go, Liz had to get him out of the shelter, his photos hit her heart too. Patti, of the Rescue was equally moved to get Max out of the shelter. Even Deb of the Polk County Animal Control knew that Max was special. With Garry going onto ACD-L email newsletter about Australian Cattle Dogs needing a home, and a nice lady in the ACD Rescue world posting my website for Max, this is how the connection was made.

Also the National Australian Cattle Dog Clubs all knew about Max and I was constantly getting emails and calls regarding his care and rescue. Everyone was so very concerned about him. Max had had a hard life for the 2 years of his life, even though the shelter thought he was 5 y.o. He is silky and shiny and the heartworms are going to be taken care of, so he should live a very long life with the wonderful people who adopted him. What a great story thusfar. I asked Max's new owners to contact you for a continuation of Max's story. Thank you for being there Cynthia, for others who need encouragement on 3 legged doggies. Cassie and you and your website are very important to the dog world. Many people aren't sure about a 3 legged dog, but again, they are wonderful, don't even know they are different. This is the first time I have helped to rehome a 3 leg dog, but this was well worth it. What a joy this dog is. A purebred Australian Cattle Dog with only 3 legs and a stumpy tail now has a brand new life and I can't tell you how that makes my heart feel, I am so happy.

Donna Whicker
Orlando, Florida
Sunday July 23, 2006

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