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Dear Cassie's Parents,

Finnegan is a six year old, red, male Irish Wolfhound who was diagnosed with a low grade osteosarcoma approximately a month ago. After going through x-rays and biopsies, the veterinarians, my husband, and I decided an amputation would prolong his life and he could ambulate well without his front left leg.

On July 5th, we drove him to the veterinarian (out of town) and dropped him off for surgery. He returned home to us on Sunday night after successfully completing the surgery.

At first, it was difficult to see him this way with a big bandage and unable to move on his own. This morning, I felt absolutely horrible for him, and questioned my decision.

At lunch, when I went home to check on him, I found that he could get up on his own and walk a few feet by himself. I realize this will be a long ordeal but it is so wonderful to see how well so many other dogs do with three legs.

Other than becoming three legged, he is a sweet and affectionate boy. He loves to play with his fuzzy squeaky toys and play with other dogs.

Thank you,

Andrea Amicangelo and Finnegan
Monday July 10, 2006



Here is an updated picture of Finnegan.
Also, he had his last chemotherapy appointment over a week ago and a chest x-ray. The good news is that he has no metastases or nodules in his lungs! He's feeling pretty good, has a great appetite, and almost knocked me down playing in the backyard yesterday.

We have been keeping Finnegan's family, friends, and I guess the public posted on his progress by clicking HERE

Thanks for having a website that shows how well three-legged dogs can do. It truly is a great service!

Finnegan's Mom,
Monday November 13, 2006


This is our dog Peaches.
We adopted her from a local shelter at the end of March (2006).
She is 6 years old.

We have been told that when she was a puppy she was hit by a car.
When my daughter and I saw her at the shelter,
she was laying down, giving us a sad look,
but constantly wagging her tail.

We didn't see that a leg was missing.

We went home that night and talked about her all night to my husband.

He told us the next day to go get the dog

(we really wore him down :-).

We were very surprised when she came out of the kennel and was missing a leg.

My daughter (11) said she really liked the dog
and didn't care if she was missing a leg, so we brought her home.

She is such a sweet girl, very well behaved.
It took a few months for her and our cat to warm up to each other,
but they are friends now.

We would love to join your club! Thanks for listening.

Chris Qualey
Tuesday July 11, 2006

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