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Baby Bubby

Hello, my name is Bubbles. Baby Bubby to my friends....
I'm sooo excited about this website. It's lovely to see other dogs with amputations being happy too!!!

I've been living with my new family for just over a year now (mum, dad and 2 canine sisters - Blossom and Lily Lolo Pops). I'm a rescue dog and extremely unique.

I have MASSIVE ears, BUT I'm deaf.

I can run really, really fast BUT I have 3 legs.
My front left leg has been amputated -

I just have a cute little stump now which my mum and dad call my 'baby leg'. I can't remember how it happened - (mum and dad don't know either as I'm a rescue dog, they don't know my history).
But hey!! - I don't let it get me down.

I run around real fast chasing my sisters, rabbits, birds, ducks, leaves (?) and anything that moves really.... I go on lovely woodland walks every day and get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

When mum and dad rescued me from the Dogs Home, they had no idea I was deaf. They just thought I hadn't got used to my name! They soon found out though - so now they use sign language when they want me to do stuff.

I love walks in the countryside, chompin' bones, chasing my sisters, big cuddles, being brushed, chillin' in my fake fur bed and most of all - eating.

Bye for Now

Luv n Licks,
Baby Bubby
Saturday July 15, 2006



Thanks for replying and your lovely comments on Baby Bubby. Baby Bubby (short for Bubbles) is really pleased to be included on your website!! She is just the most beautiful little girl and we love her lots. We're really proud of her and the progress she has made in the past 18 months. When we 1st adopted her - she would only hop a few steps - but now - there's no stopping her!!!

She loves her woodland walks and chasing her 2 sisters (Lily Lolo Pops and Blossom). Her confidence has really grown.

I love your website. I think all dogs are fabulous - no matter what the disability. By the way - we are from the United Kingdom!!

Bye for Now

Vix 'n' Baby Bubby
Monday July 17, 2006


Hi! I found your site last year and love it.
Thanks so much for having a place for all of us who are blessed with three-legged pups!

My Georgie is a Scooby Doo. He's a mix of so many things that there is no other way to describe him than he looks like Scooby =)

He was left in a kennel outside a humane society in Terre Haute, IN. His back foot had been very badly cut and although it was cared for, he would continually drag his leg and it would bleed.

The vets decided his leg needed to be amputated and one vet offered to do the surgery at a reduced fee. A local television covered the story and many donations came in to help cover the cost of the surgery. One young boy, a fourth grader from West Terre Haute sold t-shirts, raffle tickets and notepads and raised over $300.00 towards Georgie's surgery.

After the surgery, he was unable to find a home in IN and through the no-kill shelter network, made his way to SAFE Sanctuary in Faribault, MN. I had lost four dogs to old age in two years. I had two young Jack Russells but wanted to adopt a larger dog as well. I saw a photo of Georgie on and fell in love with his face. I didn't realize he was missing a leg until I read his bio. I loved him even more once I went to visit him and he joined our family in August 2005.

He is the biggest goof ball. He is happy all the time and loves to play outside and terrorize the Jack Russells. They get so mad at him, but he thinks its funny... We live on at the end of a dead end road, with the nearest road over two miles away. Our pups play outside all day and sometimes he gets silly and runs in great big circles as fast as he can with a big smile on his face.

He's given me so much more that I can ever give him. He's been such a blessing and I always call him my "little man".

Thanks so much for having such a wonderful site. I really appreciate this site and the chance to hear and learn from others. These are special dogs and I'm grateful that you have this place where they can be recognized.

Lisa and Georgie
Saturday July 22, 2006

Thanks so much for writing back and for being such a terrific woman. It's so obvious that you have the hugest heart and are very kind.

God bless you for having this site and for all that you do! I've had your site bookmarked since I first brought Georgie home last year and look at it at least a twice a week to see if there are any new members =)

Take care and keep up the awesome job! =)
Sunday July 23, 2006

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