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I'd like to introduce you to our dog Dizzy,
she is 3 years old and is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

She was knocked down four weeks ago and suffered injuries to her front right paw and rear left leg. We were advised by the vet to amputate her back leg as the damage was very severe to the joint.

We were shocked how quickly she was up and about and now a month on she is going for walks and loves chasing sticks and balls!!!

A big thank you to this wonderful website as it reassured me that we were doing the right thing amputating and not spending months and months on numerous operations with no guarantees that she would have full use of her leg.

After a very worrying time I am glad to have our little 'Dizzles' home, safe and sound where she belongs.

Not sure what hit Dizzy, they never stopped, she managed to get home and was in a pool of blood outside the door.

What makes it worse is she was being looked after by my uncle as we were away for the day and she must have gone looking for us. My uncle was obviously very upset it happened but she is doing really well- it is astounding how resilient dogs are!!!

Keep up the good job with the site, as I said I found it a great support!!!

All the best

Claire, Dean, Tony, Robert and Dizzy Hansford
West Yorkshire, England
Friday August 11, 2006


My dog's name is Presley. She is an eleven-year-old Black Lab. I've had her since she was a puppy at 9 weeks old. She grew up along the Jersey Shore, and like all Black Labs, she has a fondness for kids, fun, playing ball, and swimming.

Although Presley spent many years entertaining herself while I started a business and bartended late into the night to make ends meet, she always seemed like no matter how bored she was during the day she was completely overjoyed to see me when I came home late at night.

Presley has always been overly active and her tail wags so hard sometimes she can easily knock over a small child. Every year for about nine years or so, Presley and I have taken a Christmas picture together for my Christmas cards. And with me getting engaged and married very soon, this year's card is going to be very special to me because it will be the first card with someone other than us in it.

Well a few weeks ago I noticed Presley limping around one night. The next morning she was continuing to limp and she had a very swollen area on her front left leg. My initial thought was that she sprained her knee running down the steps like a maniac like she usually does. As it turned out, it became the frightening unthinkable... Presley had developed canine osteosarcoma bone cancer in her front leg. Thinking my dog would live forever, it never even occurred to me that she might get sick one day.

After a few days of falling to pieces, my friend forwarded me your website about 3 legged dogs. I was sure that amputating Presley's leg would cripple her and give her no way of life. After reading the stories on your website, I decided to give Presley a fighting chance and have the operation. Well in 2 days, Presley was literally walking to me.

I took her home and slowly she began to adjust to having only 3 legs. We had a few nights of restless sleep, BUT today, only 3 weeks after her surgery, Presley is running and wagging that tail like never before.

The Dr's at the Red Bank Vet Hospital, and the inspiration I got from your web site certainly saved Presley's life.

Presley is now receiving her chemotherapy and the Dr's are saying that she is one of the best patients they have ever seen. They are astonished by her remarkable recovery this soon.

I hope this letter and these pictures will help other pet owners the way your letters helped me.

This Christmas we're taking a new picture with me, my soon to be new wife Denise, and our three legged Black Lab Presley. Thanks again, and I will keep you updated on Presley's condition.

Saturday August 12, 2006

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