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Hi Cynthia and Kurt,
I've attached a submission and some photos to join Cassies Club!
Thanks in advance for including our girl India, she's happy to be with such great company.

India became a three-legged dog on June 23rd, 2006.

When she was only six months old she was hit by a car and suffered a "degloving" injury - the skin on her left front leg was torn off. In addition, the tendons were severed, and the nerves and wrist were damaged. She underwent several surgeries to save her leg and for the better part of six years India did really well in spite of limited mobility in her wrist and the onset of arthritis.

However, there were some bad periods in the last two years, with last summer being the worst we had ever seen her. She did not use the leg at all and our normally friendly girl developed a tendency to act defensively towards other dogs in the park. After meeting with a very pragmatic vet we agreed that amputation was the only way to eliminate her pain (she was also diagnosed with discoid lupus, an autoimmune disorder). We planned her surgery for June so she could recover in time to join us on vacation at the end of the summer.

Although we were prepared, the shock of seeing her shaved, bruised, and missing her leg and shoulder was still hard. She was disoriented from the operation and pain medication, so the first night was a bit rough on us all. By the evening of the second day she was alert, and with the exception of being a bit awkward and sore, was moving around the apartment.

By the third day post-op she was going down the stairs with assistance and taking an interest in the squirrels during her "bathroom breaks."

India had always been an incredibly energetic dog; one friend coined the term "land-shark" to describe her. We fully accepted that the leg had to come off, but were concerned that she would change and be limited in the activities that she loved. We worried she would not be able to swim or take full advantage of our trips out to the country. Or worse yet, that she would loose confidence in herself and develop serious behavioral problems.

At the end of August Kevin, India, and I went for our long anticipated vacation to Prince Edward Island. She spent the week running and exploring around the cottage, swimming in the ocean, rolling in seaweed, and harassing the local squirrels and rabbits. Not bad for two months post-op! All our concerns were unfounded; in fact, India has more energy than ever and enjoys playing with other dogs again.

India's fur has completely grown back and we think her new streamline figure is pretty sharp! It's remarkable how nothing has changed - she still swims, plays "tag" in the park, chases squirrels, pesters us for attention, trails real and/or imaginary animals through the woods, loves going to work with her dad.. She handles the stairs like a pro, has rediscovered playing tug-of-war, and has not let up on harassing the cats. Her stamina during walks is getting better every week. We think taking the leg off has added years to her life and truly feel it was the best thing we ever did for this wonderful dog.

Cynthia and Kurt, thank you for creating this valuable resource.
All the great stories on Cassie's site really helped us feel good about our decision. India's recovery is certainly in keeping with all her co-members; they all go to show that one less leg in no way lessens the dog!

Karen, Kevin, and the star of the show... India
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sunday September 17, 2006


My name is Jughead and I am a Siberian Husky, my mom took these pictures of me shortly after my surgery and then long after when my hair was just about all the way back and I was hopping in the backyard.

I developed spindle cell sarcoma just before my 9th birthday. My whole family was very upset and the options were not too great. I could live with the tumor, have it burst open, get infected and die from the infection, or remove the tumor which would only come back and each time more aggressively, or remove my leg.
They really went round and round on this.
Putting me to sleep never even entered the decisions. (Thank goodness)

Well, as you can see, my leg was removed.
At first I was upset and then I became a bit depressed.
Once they took that lampshade off my head, I began to feel much better. Mom was even hand feeding me for the longest time.
I was not interested in going out or anything.

I hate cameras.
If my mom gets the camera just to look at, I take off on a run. So it was very difficult for her to get a picture of me.
She took the one of me on the floor, with no flash,
so I didn't know what was happening.
The later one, outdoors, I never saw coming.

Anyway, I am feeling great and getting along just fine.
I thank my family every day for saving my life.
I still fall once in a while but I am alive with the family I love. Cordially,

Saturday September 23, 2006


In Memoriam

Dear Cassie,
My beautiful boy, Jughead, joined your 3 legged dog club a couple months ago. He had his leg amputated 4 months ago.
Friday, November 24, 2006, my sweetie died.
Everyone believes that the cancer that was in his leg managed to get into him and took his life. I don't know what you do, if you leave him as part of your club or if he is taken out.
I just wanted to share with you. It helps talking about him.

Monday November 27, 2006

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