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My dog Wade is a tri-pod.
He is an approx. 3-year-old shepherd/husky mix
and we adopted him from the Baytown Humane Society in July of '04.

Baytown Humane Society is in Baytown, Texas, about 30 miles east of Houston. Click here to visit their website. Wade has a special section on their website, click on his name at the bottom of the page and you can see how sad he was when they first found him.

He was found with a profound injury to his back left paw, probably from something being wrapped around his leg cutting off blood flow. He is a gorgeous, mischievous boy who is full of energy and loves to play and doesn't let his handicap slow him down.

He loves his family and is very protective.
He was such a perfect fit in our home I can't imagine life without him.

Thanks so much for you site, it's the only one I've been able to find with some info on what we have to look forward to as he grows older. He also had a bad case of heartworms when they first found him so the vet says he might not be with us as long as he would normally so we let him live life to the fullest when we can.

Glenda Hovey
Tuesday September 26, 2006


When I got Oscar my whole life changed, he was the most beautiful little thing I had ever seen, he was so small as a puppy he would love to sit on my shoulder or fall asleep on my shoe. But now he's pretty big, a Ridgeback x Mastiff, but he's more beautiful now then ever! He is a handsome and intelligent looking dog, and he loves people and other dogs so much! He taught me so much about love and responsibility, the fact that you get back 10 fold what you put in and that in a dog's eyes you really are their entire world!

One Saturday night I was at a friend's house and Oscar was at home with his best mate Shay (Neapolitan Mastiff x Staffy) and my cousins girlfriend, Peta (I lived with my cousin at the time, Shay was his dog). It was one week before Oscar's first birthday. The dogs were outside playing and Peta heard Shay barking, she said she knew it was a different sort of bark, a distressed bark. Peta went outside and there were no dogs to be seen in the backyard, she then went out the front and Shay was standing there howling in distress. She couldn't see Oscar, she grabbed Shay and starting calling him looking everywhere in panic. She then heard a bark in the back yard and when she opened the door she saw Oscar covered in blood with his rear leg hanging behind him, he ran inside and went straight to my room, laying on the floor panting in pain. Peta tied Shay up and called me straight away, she was in a state of absolute panic. All she could say on the phone was 'Oscar's in trouble! I think his legs broken, I think he's been hit by a car!' I hung up the phone and went straight there, it's a bit of a blur but I was shaking so badly my friends Jay and Vanessa drove me home. I was only 5 minutes away and I ran into the house and went to Oscar, through all the pain he must have been in he still got up to greet me wagging his blood stained tail. It was 11pm and we rushed him to the Animal Emergency Centre about 20 minutes away, it was the worst car trip of my life he was in so much pain the poor thing. When we got there they ran him straight into the clinic, Jay and drove with Oscar and Peta and Vanessa with Shay. We waited anxiously for about an hour, with Shay being beside herself with worry, she couldn't get close enough to me and the look on her wrinkled face said it all. When the Vet came out she took me into another room and told me the news wasn't good, aside from the obvious leg injury he had a very hard hit and there was blood in his lungs, he had lost a lot of blood and they had to transfuse some into him and also he was in terrible shock. They weren't sure if he was going to make it through the night they told me it already would cost me at least 2 thousand dollars to keep him alive and suggested I put him down. I couldn't bear the thought of it and told her to do all they could to save him. I had to pay fifty percent up front to leave him there (which presents a big issue I think, there has to be a better way!). I went and said good bye to him and again he got up to greet me, I laid back down with him and wrapped him in a blanket. I hated to leave him but they said I had to. I went home for the night but Shay and I stayed up all night crying.

I called back the next day and he said he wasn't any better or any worse, that it was still touch and go and that I could come in for a short visit. I went in and he had lots of tubes and things in him, he looked like he's lost 2 kilos already and basically I thought then I was going to lose him for sure, he couldn't even lift his head to say hello to me. He needed oxygen to be fed through a tube in his nose but they said he simply would not allow them to insert the tube and it was more damaging for him to be that distressed. I let him rest and went home. The next day they called and said they nearly lost him but in the end put a big bag over his head that fed the oxygen that way. After 4 days he was finally out of the critical situation and I had to take him to his normal vet to deal with the other injuries. I went and got him and boy was he happy to see me! Even though I visited him every day while he was in Animal Hospital I think he knew that day I was taking him home. Even the vets were laughing with me saying he's the only dog they've met that wags his tail when he gets examined, he just loves people!

I took him straight to his regular vet (I vet that I think is the best in the world! Oscar loves seeing him and he loves seeing Oscar.) Geoff. He told me that Oscar had severely damaged his hip and that I had two choices, amputate his leg or go and see a specialist surgeon in the city for a operation that costs $5000. I thought about it and decided to go to the city to see the surgeon. I took him straight there and the next day he was in surgery getting screws and wire to hold his hip together. The next week was horrible, I had to leave him there and I wasn't allowed to visit. There was no one at the clinic overnight and I was so worried about him being by himself. Shay refused to eat the whole time he was gone so we were worried about her too. She was so clingy and so sad all the time.

I picked him up and brought him home, for twelve weeks he had to on bed rest, he wasn't allowed to move and I had to carry him outside to go to the toilet and carry him to bed etc. I was lucky I could take him into work with me and I didn't spend a second away from him during that twelve weeks. The saddest thing was that him and Shay couldn't be together, but she knew he was home and started eating again. At the end of the twelve weeks I had to take him back for a check up and the vet then told me that Oscar should have been using his leg more, he testing his feeling in his leg and then admitted that during the surgery he nicked one of his nerves, the leg was now paralysed. He told me there was a small chance that over time he might get some movement back but suggested I amputate his leg. I was devastated all this hard work, everything that Oscar had already been through!! I took the chances and decided to give it some time.

Over the following twelve months I tried physiotherapy, I tried exercising the leg and to push Oscar to use it, I got a special brace made up to make it sit the right way but none of it helped. So just after his second birthday I took him to Geoff and got his leg amputated. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. The day I picked him up I couldn't stop crying, he was groggy and just slept when we got home. The next day I let him outside and he RAN! I mean he was actually running around! He adjusted so quickly and now 6 months on he is doing everything a dog with 4 legs would do! He runs and jumps and is the happiest I've seen him for a long time, when he still had his leg it was weighing him down and now he has so much more energy! It really has been a happy ending and I wouldn't change him for the world!

Sorry I don't have any full photos of him since the amputation, but this is his beautiful face! And another one of him pouncing on Bam (sadly Shay passed a year ago, she is deeply, deeply missed by Oscar and myself) my cousins American Bulldog pup while he was sleeping!

Kelly Bates
Tuesday September 26, 2006


Hi Cynthia!
Oscar is two and a half now.. the original accident happened a year and a half ago and the whole thing ended 6 months ago when he lost his leg. He really is so much happier now. No the driver didn't stop and it was such a nasty blow he must have been speeding quite a bit. I found that very hard to deal with, but then again I thought he may have wanted to stop but Shay was out too and she was very protective, and scary when she wanted to be so maybe he was too frightened to leave his car. I'm still not sure if Oscar ran away after the hit or if he was laying on the ground, either way he was hit really hard and I'm really disappointed he didn't bother to stop, if Peta wasn't at my house I wouldn't have found him for an hour or so! I don't know what people are thinking sometimes.

Yes the hip does work, but now there is just a stump (that's how I know he wants a scratch behind his ear!). I asked the vet about the metal and what effects it would have and they said that he may get arthritis when he's older but there is medication that can help that. When I got it amputated (it's his rear left leg) they said that the screws would have no effect at all because of the minimal movement in that hip.
Although it doesn't get overly cold here, just for about 3 months a year and never snowing or anything, but being a Ridgeback he's not too fond of the cold anyway and he spends most of his time inside with me. I got him a little waterproof coat with lambs wool for walks in winter too. But that is really interesting and I will be definitely mentioning it to my vet next visit! It sounds like Cassie is getting very well looked after and that's so great to hear, I love it when I find people as passionate about their pets as I am, and sadly all to many end up in the pound because people don't think through the commitment.
Thank you so much for replying and for having such a great site! I hope Cassie is doing great and Oscar gives her a big lick hello! Lots more photos coming soon!!!
Thanks again,

Thursday September 28, 2006

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