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Above, Mila is pictured on the Humane Society of Central Oregon's Animal Care-a-van!

Mila and Grip

Hi Cassie, My name is Mila and my mom thinks that I am a Basenji mix. My mom, Marcey Rhyne, found me at the Klammath Falls Humane Society on February 15, 2003. She went looking to foster a dog after her wonderful cattle dog, Grip (pictured above right), passed away a few days earlier. Of course after a few days she fell in love with me and decided to adopt me.

She's convinced that Grip's soul led her to me so she could save my life and enjoy our happy and silly times together. I can catch Frisbees, swim, run and play with my other dog friends.

I have a curly tail and like to stretch out on my back so that people will pat my spotted belly. Sometimes I play too hard and my shoulder gets sore, so mom brings my dinner to my bed and carries me outside to go pee. But I always feel good again the next day and jump around and beg her to throw a ball or stick so that I can show how fast I can retrieve it.

She doesn't know how I lost my front leg, but would rather not speculate. She loves me exactly how I am.

Mila has a dog-sister named Santa Maria.
They are best friends forever!

Bend, Oregon


Hi Cassie,
We have a dog named Mindy that became 3 legged in 01/03 Mindy has been a model for Our Web Site since she was a puppy. She is half greyhound and half rottwieler.
She was born 10/96 and in 12/02 developed a limp. By 01/03 it was confirmed to be a bone tumor in her right front leg and amputation was the only way to go. She was in unbearable pain and couldn't even sleep. The pain was removed.
As of 06/03 she is doing fine and gets along nearly as well as she did with 4 legs (minus some greyhound speed.) And she still works as a model despite the handicap.
Thanks for having such a nice page.
-Ken and Sandy Huddleston

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