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Hi, I haven't thought of a name yet, I've never been very good at that. I'm thinking Connor, which in Gaelic means "strong will". I am attaching pictures of him for you - now I understand about the swimming, I would think going in circles would be frustrating! I dont know why I didnt think of that! I'm so glad youve been emailing me about him, because I have been looking for a dog for sooooo long, and have been so wishy-washy about picking one - and here comes this little fellow that I just cant stop thinking about !! By the way, where are you located? Im in Florida, Talk to you soon, and thanks again for contacting me back!!


Hi guys! My name is Cowboy, and I am the happiest dog on earth. I used to be sad, when I had a mean owner who didn't take care of me when I broke my leg as a little puppy.

He left me in a shelter to die but then this really cool lady came and saved me and got me surgery to take my deformed leg off. She has a rescue group in Santa Cruz, CA where she saves lots of guys like me. I stayed with her for almost a year until Laura adopted me and I became "The Permanant Dog!" I am very special and I am more active than most regular dogs. I like to go jogging every morning, chase birds on the beach, and play in the dog park. I love everything! No one knows what kind of dog I am, but my friend Bob says that I am an Austrailian Triangular Shepard, bred specifically to chase sheep in counter clockwise circles. I'm really good at running in circles, I love to spin! I can out spin all those four legged dogs in the dogpark any day!
Your friend,

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