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Today is the first day home for a wayward tripod dog...
I work at a sawmill out in the country
and a couple of months ago someone dumped a lab momma and 5 puppies at our place...
We found homes for 3 of the pups and the others have still been around....
The crew feeds them and has been training them.
"Momma" can now smile...
The pups are so cute, but growing bigger every day...
they were so scrawny when they first showed up.

Anyway... one of the pups, a female, disappeared a few days ago
and showed back up with her front paw dangling from her leg.
It was obvious that she had been caught in a trap.
We found the person who set the trap (without our permission)
and he told us that he turned her loose.

It took the guys 4 days at the sawmill to catch her
and we took her to the vet yesterday.
Of course by this time her leg couldn't be saved.
She is now the most loveable dog ever... but here's our dilemma...

We live in St. Joseph MO and our city has a limit on how many pets you can have,
and we already have our limit...
but she is here with me until the staples come out...
let them take me to court...
Can you possibly help me find a GOOD home for this sweet baby?

I will attach a picture in the t-shirt we got her to wear home from the vets.

Can you point us in the right direction for help with her...
and the others if possible...
the shelter here wont take the others because they are not inside the city limits.

I would appreciate you posting her picture...
I have been calling her "Hannah"...
don't know why, but it seems to fit..
I will try emailing a story to the local newspaper along with a picture and details
and maybe they will run it.

I also have contacts with the local TV station
and will see about getting her on the morning show with a friend of mine.

Thanks for all the great ideas,

My phone number is (816) 596-3135.
It's a cell # that I can be reached at any time
(except during church, of course)

Lori Gage
Office manager
Simpson's Sawmill
St. Joseph, MO.
Friday February 16, 2007


Attached is a picture of Scout.
He is a 5 year old Czech Shepard.
We adopted him from a rescue about 2 years ago.
Last year Scout and I spent one week in Florida going to "cadaver school."

The school, as the name implies, teaches dogs to find human remains.

Scout had the opportunity to meet several other dogs that were search and rescue experts.

Last December he was diagnosed with cancer
and the doctors recommended we amputate the leg where the tumor was.

It's been over 2 months since the procedure was performed and Scout is doing great!

He has an exceptional attitude and we are extending him additional privileges, e.g., he's now allowed on the furniture.

Scout says good luck to all the other members of Cassie's club.

Tom and Sally Drury
Portage, WI
Sunday February 18, 2007

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