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Here's Scout, another awesome three-legged dog.
She's a beautiful Border Collie -- fast runner, fast trick learner, exceptionally affectionate and smart -- except when it comes to jumping over walls and knowing what things dogs shouldn't swallow!

In September of 2006, she jumped over a wall down in Long Beach and plunged 2 1/2 stories. The fall tore the nerves to her front right leg out of their moorings in her spine, a condition called brachial plexus avulsion. She never regained feeling or movement. The limb has almost completely atrophied now, and I'm saving up to have it amputated.

I stumbled across your website recently and love the stories and photos and sharing.

Click HERE to read my blog about Scout and three-legged dogs.
Thanks for your great site.

Tamara Koehler
Oxnard, California
Wednesday February 7, 2007

Jerry Dawg Nelson

Hi, I'm Jerry Dog Nelson, and I'd love to join Cassie's club!

I want to let everyone know
that it's better to hop on three legs than limp on four.

Since November, 2006, I've been a "tripawd" dog,
because I got Osteosarcoma of the front left leg/shoulder.

At first, my people thought it was the end of the world
when I was diagnosed and lost my leg.

That is, until I hopped out of the hospital
the day after my surgery,
and showed them there IS life after amputation.

I don't care what my life was like before,
all I care about is what it's like now.

And right now, I wanna go play!

Three months after my surgery
I still go to the beach,
catch frisbees
and play ruff with other dogs.

You can see photos and movies of me
and other inspirational tripod dogs
at my Website.

My site has lots of information
about Canine Osteosarcoma --

THIS is a great place to learn about and cope with
the diagnosis and treatment of dog cancer.

There is even a dog blog
with updates on my condition and treatment plan.

Attached are a few photos for your consideration.


Jerry Dawg Nelson
Monday February 12, 2007

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