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Zoe joined our family when she was 7 weeks old.
Although her right front paw turned outward, we thought it would strengthen and straighten up as she grew. When my DVM x-rayed her leg and paw, he sent the x-rays to an Orthopedic Surgeon for his evaluation. Neither had seen such a malformation of the foot and leg.
Both agreed to see if the bones in her leg and foot would fuse before doing any invasive surgery. Well, Zoe's 6 months old now, and x-rays reveal more problems with her leg - a congential problem. Surgery is an option, but not one with an optimistic outcome.
Zoe's leg has been in a cast for over 4 months, weekly visits to the Vet's for new bandages and rewrapping. She's never had use of her limb, and I can't see putting her through more rigorous medical procedures. After much anguish, my husband and I decided to have the recommended amputation. I'm so thankful I found this site.
Although still anxious, I've found the support I needed here.
I'll send more pix after Zoe has her surgery.
With her tenacious spirit, I feel she'll be okay and happier.
Thank you.

Zoe's Parents,
Jim & Marie
Sunday January 7, 2007

Hi Cassie,
I had my leg amputated six days ago.
My vet and his wife, Dr. Tack and Susie, took me home with them the first night
'cause they're caring, loving pro's, and I slept with Susie.
My folks came and got me the next morning because they missed me so much.
I was only gone one night on a sleepover.
My folks are awestruck.
I was out the doggie door, by myself, as soon as I got home.
They said I look happier now.
No more cast and bandages and nothing slowing me down at all.

Tell your Mom that my Mom will be writing her soon with new pix.
We're hunkering down for the Super Bowl!
Your Club sure has pulled us through this episode.

Saturday February 3, 2007

Zoe is doing just like you said - SUPERB!!!
I've been preoccupied with altering collars, etc. to accommodate her new body.
And she goes on the daily walk with her sisters with no problem.
Sometimes I pick her up when she lays down, but within a few moments of being carried, she wants down again. Zoe was groomed a coupla weeks ago, and her hair is growing out to where you can't even see her incision. I'll take new pix when she's a little fluffier and send them to you.
Zoe has gained such a stupendous amount of confidence.
In fact, she's a little brat now with an attitude.
I love it!
And KUDOS to the great job on Cassie's site.
I always check to see the new members.
You're such a lifesaver to people looking for solace.
I remember how isolated I felt until you responded with your words of encouragement.
Friday March 16, 2007

Here I am 7 weeks after my surgery.
My incision is healed and my hair has grown over all the shaved areas.
Getting rid of the four-month long leg cast is such a relief.
I keep up with my sisters, Aja and Tia, on our daily walk.
Actually, I'm the leader.
Just wanted to let everyone know that I look and feel great!

Paws up,
Wednesday March 21, 2007


Well this is nerve wracking.
My special dog is our baby.
She was rescued and just loving life,
and then an animal control officer shot and wounded her in the front leg and left her for dead.
She had to have her front right leg and shoulder amputated.
She is a pit mix who is about 2 years old and just had puppies.
We hope to bring her home soon and send pictures.
We are scared she won't enjoy life.
We are scared we are not special enough to take care of her.
What if I do something wrong and cause pain?

On 3-17-07 Diamond broke her lead and I called the Wexford County dispatch to report her missing. They told me there had been no previous calls to animal control.

I looked for her and found her 3 hours later with her leg shot and 2 inches blown off..... I reported it again and was told there were no deputies on duty to take my report.

The next day we got a call from an arrogant Animal Control Officer named Anthony Noaker, stating: "So you wanted to report a dog that has been shot? Well, I shot your dog."

No apology, compassion, nor civility demonstrated in this public servant. We questioned many details of the event that didn't add up; only very reluctantly did they finally file a report, after having changed their story 4 times....

We are so upset they did not - at the very least - notify us immediately after having shot her.

Instead, Officer Noaker simply walked away, leaving her where he shot her to suffer all alone and bleed to death for the next 7 hours.

The Sheriff's Dept. merely calls it a "lack of communication."
Should Diamond have had to endure such suffering due to their "lack of communication"? Especially considering the fact she had never bit or touched the animal control officer?

She was understandably scared after having been harassed by him for a full hour...So she growled, and he shot.... They claim an "attack," but she in fact never touched him. We as a whole need to petition authorities to retrain their animal control officers in following proper procedures and train their dispatch to improve communication so this doesn't happen to future families and animals.

Fight for Diamond
By our signatures, we the undersigned request/demand that Animal Control Officer Anthony Noaker of the Wexford County Animal Control Office renew his training through the Michigan Association Animal Control (MAACO), and that our Sheriff's Dept. reprimand dispatch workers for failure to comply with their duties. Additionally, that the current policy be reviewed and improved, with regard to how information is communicated. Public servants who fail to demonstrate responsibility, care, concern and compassion for the general public must be held accountable and replaced with those who are willing to carry out their duty to serve the community.

Worried in Cadillac, Michigan
Diamond's Dad, Dewayne
Wednesday March 21, 2007

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