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Hi, my name is Hugo, I am a miniature beagle. I live in Edmonton, Alberta.
I was given as a pet to a young boy, Anthony.
It was last year and I was a puppy.
Anthony, I and his Mom, were a happy family until last week.
It was Anthony's 9th birthday.
His Mom went out to pick up the birthday cake,
9 balloons were hidden in her car.
I was outside in our fenced yard.
As the snow started to melt
(yes, we do have lots of snow in March, it is Canada, after all)
I saw small opening under the fence, so I squeezed in and out on the street.
I was checking out some smells in our quiet neighborhood and somebody approached.

I don't remember much after that.

They kicked me

and stomped on my back leg, crushing it to a pulp.

Then I was left to die.

I tried to crawl away leaving a bloody trail, but I hurt so.... much.

My front leg was also injured. Then I blacked out.

Not long after, a young boy, a bit older that my owner, leaned over and looked at my tag.
Fortunately, my Mom put our address on that tag and he decided to pick me up and carry to my home.
I tried to wiggle away as he was squeezing me tight.

His winter jacket got bloody and muddy from all that.

Thank you, good neighbor!

I don't remember much, after that.

Somebody tried to cover me with ice, but this too hurt so... much.
I was getting weak from loss of blood.

My Mom came with the birthday cake for her son,
dropped the cake and took me into her lap
and drove me to the veterinary hospital.
She cried all the way as my blood was dripping on her coat
(winter coat of course, we are in Canada).

The vet did not give me much chance to live.

I got heavy sedatives and was put on the survival row.
If I made through the night she will discuss with my Mom my fate.
She said that saving my live and treatment will be very expensive
and I will lose my back leg for sure.

My Mom went home crying.
It was Anthony's 9th birthday
and he still did not know what happened.
It was the worst birthday a child can have.
Friends and family were invited to a local Chinese restaurant.
Many bought birthday cards with a puppy,
I guess this is what humans do.
They give cards with a picture of a puppy to a boy.
They did not know.
Every time Anthony opened the card and saw a puppy, he choked.
His puppy Hugo was fighting for his life!

Some people advised to kill me right out.
Mom can't afford the vet costs.
And how the three-legged dog be a good pet?
I know that and I am sorry,
but I would like to live
and I will try to be a good pet to Anthony....
or somebody else who wants me.
I am the same dog inside and I can learn to live with 3 legs.

After crying all night, Anthony begged his Mom to save my life.

And here I am, after one week.
The attack happened on March 14, 2007,
and the amputation was next morning.

I was in the hospital for five days,
mostly because my Mom did not have money to pay.
It was not too bad, but it did hurt so... much.
Finally, somebody lent her some money.
I guess now she has to pay it back.

I have to wear a funny cone,
as I would like check out these metal staples in my skin.
It still hurts so... much.

I tried to scratch my ear, but I can't reach.
Oh, I don't have a leg to do that.
I guess my leg is gone forever.
It was such a good leg, nothing wrong with it.

Maybe the person who attacked me thought this leg was bad.
Or maybe I was a bad dog.
Just thinking about it much.

I am sad, when I think how many problems I created for my Mom.
She wants to sell her car to pay for the vet.
I did not like that car anyway, but she seems to be upset.
What is with these humans?
Are these green pieces of paper so important?
They don't even taste good when you chew it.
I tried once.

If anybody can please explain, please talk to me. I am just a little dog.

CLICK HERE to see the website my Mom's Auntie installed for me.

She hopes people will visit and see my progress.
I am not good in math,
but if 3,000 people send me one dog treat, I would have treats for a month.
Or maybe she thought something else, like two months.
Send me an email at:
and maybe a dog treat.
Two would be better.

Thank you for reading my story
and a big "hello" to all three-legged dogs out there!

Saturday March 24, 2007


This story is about Spike, our 8 1/2 year old Golden
who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma about 2 months ago.
His amputation surgery was on 3/6/07.
He spent extra time in the hospital due to complications.
First complication was getting around his E collar
to open the stitches so they had to re-stitch him.
What a clever boy he is. :)

Second complication was that the new stitches were breaking down, for unknown reasons.
After 3 sets of stitches, Spike finally came home.
All along he was doing very well walking on the 3 legs.
He had fractured the sick leg a few days before, so he had a bit of practice.
He started chemo this week & thank God there is no spreading to the lungs...yet.

Spike lost his Golden pet brother, Petey, 3 weeks ago.
He had hemangiosarcoma & passed suddenly.
It has been very difficult for all of us.
Petey was not from the same litter as Spike.
He was also 8 1/2 years old.
We have had them since they were 2 months old.
They loved each other very much.

Spike is doing great & is exactly himself, minus that sick leg.

He is honored to be a member of Cassie's Club.
Best wishes to all the other members & families.

Kathy, Frank & Spike Hernandez
March 24, 2007

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