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My name is Bailey and I'm a 6 1/2 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound.
No, I am not a Beagle :-).

I lost my leg 2 weeks ago, after a mad man hit me in front of my house.

He was speeding way too fast and I was just playing with my boyfriend and accidentally overran the yard and before you know it, this van came out of nowhere.

My mommy had a very hard time, but as you can see I am just happy to be alive. I am feeling great and thanks to your web site, my mommy is coping a lot better.

She saved my life when I was 4 months old from the pound.
Someone decided they did not want me anymore.
Mommy tells me every day that I am the best dog in the world.
Ever since then, I have learned a lot of neat tricks.
I love to run, play Frisbee, chase lizards in my backyard
and play with all my doggie and human friends.
I also LOVE to smile, as you can see in my pictures.
I try to keep my mommy happy.

However, I am her only child and when she sees a van she still has a very hard time not crying. But she tells me that all these stories are making each day a lot easier to cope.
Thanks for being there for her.

Amy Webster
Friday March 30, 2007


My name is Aspen and I'm a Bichon/Sheltie cross.
I just had a birthday so I am 8 years old.
My mom found out about me when her little sister got my sister. We don't look alike. She is short and brownish and I'm tall and white.
I have 2 older brothers here at home. Jake is around 13.
He and I get into it sometimes 'cause he likes to steal my food.
My other brother Jessie (14 yr cat) is a big fat ball of fur.
He isn't too bright; you can knock him around and he doesn't seem to mind.

I did have another cat brother, but he passed away March 26th (4 days before my surgery). I lost my leg on March 29th.

My mom noticed I started to limp in January.
We had a very bad ice storm here (in Nebraska) and she thinks I hit the ice wrong running outside and tore my ankle up.
My brother Jake has a lot of holes in the yard, so she also thinks I may have tripped in one.

The plan was to have plates put in.
My X-rays were sent to a specialist for a second opinion.
The results came back as 1 of 2 things.
1st, my bones are so tiny they would not be able to have an anchor for the plates.
2nd, they did not rule out cancer.
They wanted to do a chest X-ray, 'cause if it was bone cancer they said it would show up in the lungs very quick. Nothing was found.
In fact, everything came back well above what they thought for a doggie my age.

My leg was amputated and sent to a lab for evaluation.
We should know the results in a week.

I'm glad my mom and I found your site.
She cried when she first saw me, but when the doctor put me down, I walked all over the place ('course, I'd already had about 2 months practice not using that other leg, anyway).

The picture mom is posting is of me 2 days after surgery (notice I'm sticking my tongue out at her).

I'm very glad to be a part of this club.
I will keep everyone posted on my test results.

Mystle Foth
Sunday April 1, 2007

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